5 Time-Saving Tips For Holiday Chores

In between the shopping, the baking and the holiday parties household chores never cease. In fact, some of them seem to grow exponentially with the season. Hello extra dishes and laundry. Even now the familiar whooshing sound is mixed in with my Christmas carols as another load of laundry is cycled through my Duets.

I can’t help with all of the chores (just take a look around my house), but here are a couple of time-saving tips to help.

Holiday Dishes

If your holiday dishes are dusty from being stored all year, don’t bother with a full scrub down. Take advantage of the rinse cycle on your dishwasher. Now if I can just find someone to put away those dishes…

Berry Stains

I used to dread difficult berry stains, until I discovered Oxi Clean spray. Now I don’t even bother treating the stain right away. When the garment is removed (at the end of the day) I spray a bit of Oxi Clean spray and let it be. By the time I get around to checking on it again the stain has vanished. (It always reminds me of disappearing ink.) That’s my kind of stain removal

Turkey Stains

Oily stains can be a beast. The key is tackling the stain before it sets. Apply a pretreat to the oily stain, or rub liquid detergent directly into it. Wash the garment in the hottest water safe for the fabric, then air dry and check it for any remaining stain. DO NOT dry the garment in the dryer until you are sure the stain is gone or it will set forever. If necessary, repeat the procedure before placing the clothing in the dryer.

Ring Around the Toilet

No one likes an unsightly dirty ring around the toilet – ick! Not a good way to greet guests. Get that bowl in tip-top shape with my favorite tool — The Pumie! I discovered this wonderful product last Christmas and it is by best friend in the bathroom cleaning department. It’s easy, it’s quick and it works. (Check out my before and after picture!)

Wax Removal

Whether you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah (or both like we do), you’re bound to fight candle wax drip. The first few years I tended to our Menorah it was a mess of melted and remelted wax reside. Our once shinny Menorah became dull and gloppy. Then a friend suggested boiling water. (Of course!) Now wax removal is a breeze. First I peel off the chunks. Next boil water in a large plastic bowl.(Note, do not use your favorite bowl because you will end up with wax reside in the bow. I use an old disposable Ziploc container.) Carefully dip your candle holder into the boiling water, and then wipe clean with a paper towel. Repeat until shinny.

(Hey, my tip saves time. That doesn’t mean I have gotten around to it yet!)

Christmas Menorah

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