Shopping Tip – Did You Know BJs Takes Coupons?

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited out to BJs to learn more about the wholesale club and all of its holiday goodies. It was a nice visit that concluded with a lovely lunch, but what impressed me the most was when I learned that BJs accepts manufacturer coupons.

Wait, what?!?!

Wholesale prices plus manufacturer coupons, awesome! But wait, it gets better. At BJs you can stack coupons, and not just BJs store coupons with manufacture coupons (which you can do and is great), but multiple manufacturer coupons.

For real.

Here is how this works, let’s say you want to buy the multipack of Colgate pictured below. Because it is actually five separate boxes that have been grouped together, you can use five manufacturer coupons to buy it. And if there happened to be a BJs coupon at the time too, stack that on top! With visions of coupons dancing in my head, I started calculating the savings on everything I saw with multiple coupons – awesome.

Colgate toothpaste

The exception to this couponing trick is that if instead of plastic wrapping five boxes that you could normally buy separately together, they dumped all five into one special box that couldn’t be purchased individually elsewhere then you would only be able to use one coupon. So one giant bottle of Method, one coupon. Two bottles tied together, two coupons!

BJs Coupon Policy

Got it? I used to be a BJs shopper, but somehow I never knew about this hidden gem of savings. Not a BJs member? No problem. BJs is currently offering a free, 60-day trial membership. Even if you were a member once upon a time (like me), you can try it again for 60 days for free. Just print out a certificate for a 60-day trial membership and take it into your local BJs to check it out. I plan to take advantage of the free pass to go back and look at diaper prices (they carry Pampers), pick up some of that Method and see what other goodies I can find.

BJs 60-day free membership trial

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