Green Your Baby Care Routine With The Honest Company

If you are still stuck on the notion that all “green” products are plain Jane or even ugly, get that out of your head. Gone are the days when buying products that are good for the environment means sacrificing style or comfort. Thanks to trendsetter and business mom Jessica Alba even your baby’s tush can be downright cute while being 100% non-toxic and chlorine-free, naturally biodegradable and made from sustainable, plant-based materials.

There is a fundamental desire that comes with motherhood to protect our children from… well everything. While I have always considered myself to be eco-conscious, like many new moms I found that passion on hyper-drive the moment I learned I was pregnant. Suddenly my instinct to protect the planet extended to researching ways to protect my family from harsh chemicals and needless waste. Goodbye cleaners I once used regularly, hello vinegar. Goodbye regular fruit and veggies, hello organic. The list goes on…

Apparently, I am in good company because Jessica Alba co-founded Honest Company after the birth of her daughter when that same feeling led her in a search for something better. She went so far as to develop a company to help other mothers too.

The result is diapers made plant materials – no petrochemicals that are super-duper cute. Seriously, the cute factor is reason enough to check out these diapers. Oh and one of my biggest pet peeves, patterned diapers under white bloomers — Honest Company even makes all-white diapers. Genius!

Honest Company Diapers Wipes Free Sample

Honest Company also offers products to clean your home and your baby that are also plant-based and free of harsh chemicals. As an added bonus, Honest Company products are only available by mail, which means everything is delivered to your door. I could get used to that.

In addition to being better for you, Honest Company is dedicated to making the world a better place through its charitable giving program that donates time, money, and product to – a non-profit that supplies families in need with essential baby gear and clothing for children up to age 12.

The Honest Company was started by a mom and a dad who, like many modern parents, were increasingly worried about products made with questionable chemical ingredients. But the alternatives they found were often expensive, inaccessible, bland, or ineffective. In response to this clear need for something better, they created The Honest Company to ensure that parents (or anyone for that matter!) could easily find natural and non-toxic eco-friendly products that are beautiful, effective, and affordable. From customized product bundles to diapers and wipes to an ever-expanding line of cleaning and personal care products, you can find everything you need at and have it delivered directly to your front door.

Give it a try! Click here to become a member of The Honest Company community and start your free trial today.

Honest Company Diaper

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Honest Company. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. I’ve heard about this company that Jessica Alba started and was curious about the eco-friendly aspects. Thanks for the reviews and photos. I’m a sucker for cute patterned diapers and would like to try it out.


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