Disney’s Where’s My Water? Board Game

Everyone’s favorite swear-dwelling alligator has gone low tech. Don’t worry Where’s My Water fans, Swampy hasn’t totally left the app world, but he has been reincarnated in the form of a board game. It’s the Where’s My Water Board Game! Get some real face time with your kiddo when you sit down for family game night with Swampy.

From Hasbro:

Every drop counts in the new Where’s My Water? game from Hasbro. Featuring the friendly fan favorite Swampy, this fun-filled game encourages children to guide “water” marbles to Swampy while avoiding obstacles along the way.

On their turn, each player draws a card that features images of obstacle pieces to add to the board: a build-as-you-play game that keeps the outcome every changing. Once all of the pieces are in place, drop your “water” marbles in the top and watch the action unfold.

Why I Love It –  It’s Where’s My Water in a board game, what’s not to love!? I love that the game takes us from digital to the real world so we can play along with my daughter instead of watching her with her head buried in mom’s iPad. Plus the game offers instructions for a single-player game as well, which means K can play by herself as well. In addition to playing the game as intended, it’s fun to freestyle as well. The game also has the added benefit of helping to teach spacial recognition – a plus in my book

Game set up is easy, although there are a lot of pieces when you initially open the box. My only complaint about the game is that the back part to make the game stand up (so you can play it) is simply a cardboard piece, I am so worried this will get bent in the future. I wish it was plastic too. We will have to be sure to “lock up” the pieces when we are done playing because there are a LOT of small pieces that worry me with a baby in the house.

In addition to the board game and award-winning app, Where’s My Water fans might also love the line of Swamp and Allie plush, t-shirts and other gift ideas from the Disney Store.

Buy it – The Where’s My Water board game is available on Amazon for $19.99

Great Gift For – Box says ages 5+, but I think it is great for 4+ (K is 4).

I am excited that Hasbro is participating in The Suburban Mom’s Holiday Gift Guide. In addition to all of the other fabulous prizes, the winner will win the Where’s My Water Board Game!

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