Making Magic One Balloon At A Time

We had a Mickey-filled weekend planned for my birthday trip to Disney, which included Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, accommodations at the Wilderness lodge, a trip to Epcot and lots and lots of fun. For our Disney-lovin’ family nothing could spoil the weekend, not even a popped balloon. Little did we know that balloon would prove to be a magical moment we will never forget.

If you have been to the Magic Kingdom, no doubt you have seen the balloon man walking down Main Street with a balloon bunch so big children stare in wonder at how he stays firmly on the ground. They are beautiful floating there above the crowd, and the purchase of one is often met with squeals of delight. As regular Disney guests, we don’t often partake in the balloon thing, but this was a special occasion.

Mickey balloons, for those who have not visited, are a balloon inside of a balloon. (This is important to the story, so stay with me.) Inside an outer clear balloon is a Mickey shaped balloon. For the Halloween party, these special balloons were orange with spider webs on the outer shell – very cute. Although these balloon are unlike your ordinary latex, made of some special Disney plastic that is very tough. But they can, and they do, pop.

There were no tears over the popped outer shell luckily, and Mickey’s head (the important part after all) bobbed along behind us.


As we prepared to leave the park past midnight with exhausted kids in tow the balloon man, still selling his wares, stopped me with a simple question.

“Can I fixed your balloon?”

“Fix my balloon, you can fix my balloon?” I questioned trying to figure out how in the world he was going to get an outer shell back over my Mickey head.

“Well I can’t fix it, but I can fix the problem,” he replied taking a hold of my balloon and then passing me a brand new, intact balloon.

Shimmering with Pixie Dust, I think I muttered thank you, but I am sure the grin that spread across my face and that of my daughter’s said it even louder.

I can’t fix it, but I can fix the problem. And that he did.

Why do Disney parks capture the hearts of children and adults from around the world each day? Because of the thought and care that goes into training cast members to sprinkle a little magic on their guest’s day. Thanks balloon man, and thanks Disney.

Oh and that balloon, still floating in my living room 2 months later. (Yes, I am serious.) A wonderful reminder of our magical Disney weekend and a moment none of us will soon forget.


17 thoughts on “Making Magic One Balloon At A Time”

  1. I LOVE that we have the same story today!! It just reinforces what we are both saying: the care and attention that goes into the LITTLE details…make the BIG deal that much better 🙂

    I’m glad you got your balloon “fixed” 🙂

  2. I had seen this post on Facebook, and was curious about the “fixed balloon”. This is such a sweet story. <3 It's wonderful when we meet people that go just that little extra distance to make us smile, isn't? I'm glad it all worked out. And, even if the employees are trained to spread a little extra magic, it still sounds like something that came straight from the heart.

    • It was such a wonderful moment for my family, it will be something we will always remember. It was such a small thing, but it meant a great deal.

  3. love this story. shared it on my fb page too 🙂 Were you able to leave a comment card for that cast member at guest relations? They actually get to see those “thank yous” from the guests (along with their managers too) 🙂

    • Awe thanks. You know, I was so stunned I didn’t even catch his name. And it was after mid night so, I didn’t think to stop at guest services either. I thought about it in the car on the way home and wished that I had.

  4. Hi, disney workers are magical and will go all the way out to make little one and big ones happy, I was at disneyland at halloween time this year and i got a shirt that was one size to small,. i wore it anyways on my way out of town. On my way out of town we went to downtown disney to the store and they had my size. I asked may i exchange my shirt with my reciet she was like yes of course, i was like but iam wearing the shirt. she was like not a problem, we did the exchange then she followed me to the restroom then i switched out the shirts and i gave her the one that was to small. great disney people..

    • Wow. I think I might be even more impressed by your story. That is awesome that they let you exchange it even though it was worn. I love that she followed you into the restroom too. LOL 🙂

  5. Jen,
    i was on a trip with my father he was like your 38 years old and your wearing the shirt i dont think they will let you do it. when i told him they going to let me he was even shocked. the manager was like magic happens everyday here at disneyland..


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