Halloween: It’s Not Just For The Kids!

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The modern Halloween celebration is an amalgamation of traditions and practices picked up from ancient times to the present. Today, it is less about the end of the harvest and protection from the spirit world and more about fun, candy and social activities. It has great potential for loads of entertainment.

Trick or Treat

It is rare that anyone tricks kids these days when they go from door to door yelling “trick or treat.” Even 20 years ago, that would still happen, but people mostly hand over the candy and send the kids on their way with a smile now. Halloween is fun for adults too though, and it is a more entertaining experience for the kids when the adults escorting them are dressed up as well!

The Haunted House

The scariest haunted houses have creepy elements in the house and around the front and back yards. Though witches are common additions to a haunted house, zombies are also popular. The fun thing about zombies is that a person can call on friends to help. Buy a bunch of adult mens costumes and rough them up with dirt, fake blood and gore, rips, tears and other zombie-like details.

It’s best to use men’s costumes, even for female volunteers, because they have more room to modify. Choose police officer uniforms, military uniforms and any “profession” costume. After all, no one is safe from a zombie apocalypse!

Halloween Parties

There are two types of Halloween parties. One is a regular party where the guests all wear costumes. These may have themes, but on Halloween, almost anything goes!  If children are also in attendance, it is best to choose a kid-friendly costume. Adult parties, depending on the crowd, are more lax. This is where the hot nurses, candy stripers, sexy policemen and racy versions of favored cartoon characters come to play.

The second type of Halloween party is the masquerade. A Halloween masquerade requires more authenticity to pull off. These are usually fantasy and period themed. Come as an elf or a witch, but make sure there is an ethereal element to the costume. Dress up as an Ancient Roman centurion or a Civil War general, but ensure the costume is top-notch. Attendees to a masquerade traditionally wear masks until midnight or some other predefined time to lend an air of mystery to the party.

Costume Contests

Most Halloween parties and balls have a costume contest at some point during the night. Additionally, some night clubs, bars and restaurants also have a costume event on Halloween or during the preceding weekend. A detailed costume is necessary to win a costume contest. Costumes are available for men and women.

Properly detailed and authentic adult mens costumes are easier to find for some reason. Remember to play the part too! For a regular Halloween party, there is no need to attempt acting, but it certainly helps with costume contests.

Whether hanging out with the kids or other adults on Halloween, costumes mean increased amusement. Fun is the whole point of modern Halloween celebrations!

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