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My K has had an opinion about what she wears since… well since she could talk! She loves all things girly and PINK. There have been times that she has completely refused to wear anything that wasn’t PINK. (Have you read the book Pinkalicious? Yeah, that’s my K!) So when you open her closet, it is a sea of pink.

Recently she decided purple was her second favorite color followed by rainbow, which apparently means all of the colors of the rainbow together. This has made dressing her a little easier since other colors are allowed into the mix, but on any given day she still quite opinionated about the days attire. (She even has opinions about my wardrobe choices.)

While I try to only buy things she will actually wear, there are a couple of outfits in her closet that she insisted she would wear only to scoff at them every time I suggest she put one on. (Moms, please tell me I am not alone in this problem.) When I received a package with two outfits from Barbie’s new fashion line for girls, I knew they would be a hit. They have everything a little girl could want – pink, purple, ruffles, sparkle and yes Barbie!

Barbie Fashion Girls Clothes

What I didn’t expect is that they box her fashions came in was almost as popular as the new clothes and quickly became a new hangout for her Barbie dolls. (Guess I don’t need to ever get her a real Barbie house, she is thrilled with the fancy box!)

Barbie House

In order to get K to try things on for me, I always tell her that we must do a fashion show for dad. But I have never before filmed her fashion show, so when I offered to video her fashion show my little ham was over the moon excited. We even did a few practice runs first.

K’s Fashion Show Debut


Fashion & Functionality

Of the two outfits, the pink one is my favorite. I cannot get over how cute the tutu tush is! However, I must warn you that upon washing the outfit for the first time my washing machine (and the entire load of laundry) was covered in a fine layer of glitter. There is still plenty on the shirt, but it is also all over everything else too. (Ahhh such is the life with girls.)

Barbie Fashion Girls Clothes Pink Tutu


While K comfortably wears a 4T, I tend to buy up a size to grow into. She is wearing a 5T in this video, and I am glad I ordered up. The pink outfit is perfect and will fit her well through winter. The purple top runs a bit small (IMO), however the skirt runs a bit big (it actually gapes at the waist). I will most likely pair the black and silver lace skirt with other tops long after the purple one is too small. The outfits are available in sizes 2T-5T.


Here’s the best part – all this cuteness for just $16.99 per outfit! The Barbie fashion line is sold exclusively at Kmart and is sold in two piece sets.

Barbie Fashion Girls Clothes

Disclosure – I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Barbie Clothing. I received a sample package to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.


14 thoughts on “Barbie Clothing For Girls Fashion Show”

  1. I loved K’s fashion show! She is such a supermodel! Rylie and her friend modeled the clothes for me, and after a gazillion takes, I got what I got. LOL Rylie was a little camera shy and wasn’t really sure what to do.

    Anyway…great review! We love these clothes and had the same thoughts as you. I’m still cleaning glitter out of my laundry room! LOL

    • Ohhh I gotta go watch Rylie now 🙂 There was no camera shyness for K!

      Yeah – it’s not the first thing to leave a trail of glitter in this house 🙂

    • HA! Beeb, I’d love to see you in them! Unfortunately, 5T seems to be the tops for sizes. Yes, she tells everyone about her new dollhouse, then I get to explain why it is just a box. LOL

  2. Yes, I have a HUGE Pinkalicious fan:) Your daughter is a futre model lol, too darn cute!! I love the Barbie clothes, I am going to buy some for Zoe.

  3. OH. MY. GOODNESS. She is so stinking cute!!! I love how she poses & seriously struts it. So cute! &The clothes are really cute too- totally wishing I had a girl {or that they came in my size!!}


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