Celebrating Summer With A TIKI TORCH LUAU Water Party

When mom throws a party for 24 kids, desert is just as (if not more) important than dinner. That’s why when I threw a summer bash dinner was potluck, I took care of dessert. So what sweet treat did this mom serve to the hungry kiddos? S’mores.

Sweet chocolaty goodness with a warm gooey marshmallow and a crispy graham cracker crunch – the perfect sticky treat to eat at an outdoor water party. (Craving one yet!)

Hershey's S'mores

I was thrilled when Hershey’s recently invited me to be part of its HERSHEY’S CAMP BONDFIRE. I already had a summer celebration for the kiddos planned, and I love a good themed party so I embraced the challenge given to me of a TIKI TORCH LUAU theme. This week, my TIKI TORCH LUAU party featuring S’mores is featured on Hershey’s Facebook along with tips on how to throw your own Camp Bondfire. (How cool is that?) You should totally go check it out (and leave me a nice comment), but first here are even more party details.

Since its hot, hot, hot here in florida, I put a little twist on my TIKI TORCH LUAU theme – water! After a week of rain, I worried that Mother Nature would put a damper on the fun I had planned, but I lucked out with the only sunny afternoon in weeks. Perfect weather to enjoy the wet fun I had planned.

I love to throw big bashes, but our little house would bust at the seams with the 44 guests invited to our bash. So a couple of times a year I throw a block-party-style shindig. Neighbors are invited to pull up a lounge chair, bring their favorite dish and watch the kids play. If you want to entertain a large crowd, this is the way to go!

It wouldn’t be a TIKI TORCH LUAU without Tiki Torches! So while I didn’t go crazy with decorations for this party, I did line the driveway with mood-setting torches. Check out the cute little table-top torches I found too. (Walmart, in case you were wondering.) I also happened to come across two-packs of leis for $1 at Target a couple weeks before the party, so I picked up enough for each of the kids to double as decor and party favors.


After dinner was over, it was time for S’mores. The kids couldn’t resist the sticky treat, in moments there were sticky fingers and faces all around. But the best part about serving S’mores at a water party is that all we had to do was return the kids to their playing and let the water wash away the mess.

So what kind of water fun did the party goers enjoy? I set out the usual suspects, of course; a water slide, water squirters, a sprinkler, beach balls and a water table, but I wanted to add a special touch. I decided to make homemade sidewalk chalk paint and water sponge balls (be sure to check out my tutorials to make your own!). I was as pleased as a peach when the kids arrived and bombarded me with questions about what the display of colorful containers were for. Once I started opening the paints for the kids, they went to work decorating my driveway. My only regret is that I didn’t make more.

Homemade Sidewalk-chalk-paint

The party was a hit, everyone had so much fun that the kids played until it got dark. Good food, good friends and lots of good fun. The best part of the whole party was when my daughter ran up to me with a giant hug after all her friends had gone and said, “Oh thank you mommy, this was the best water party I ever had!” The over-the-top, unprompted thank you was just what I needed to start planning the next party!

TIKI TORCH LUAU water party

Disclosure – This post is part of my participation in the HERSHEY’S CAMP BONDFIRE campaign. All opinions expressed are mine.

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  1. Great pictures – my mouth is watering from the first ooey gooey yummy pic!!! Wondering though – did you guys actually roast the marshmallows? I always end up microwaving them – wish I could actually do a campfire with the kids 🙂


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