The Thank You Note

I grew up writing thank you notes for everything. Mom made sure of it. It is just something we did. It is just something I believe is the right thing to do. But handwritten thank you notes are a dying art. So when an unexpected than you note arrived in my mailed box, my heart sang.

It has happened on two separate occasions (in three years of blogging) that a winner sent me a thank you note — a traditional, hand-written note in the mail. To be fair, most of my winners receive prizes directly from the company, and never know how to reach me. (For those winners, I am just as thrilled to receive the rare email thank you note.) But from time to time, I send prizes myself and of all those times two people have sent me thank yous.

The first time I received one of these thank you notes in the mail I called my mother first and then my husband. I was so excited, it truly made my day. It is a simple touch, but it meant so much. I have wanted to write a thank you back to my winner to thank them for the note!

I am raising my daughters with the same value for thank you notes. My oldest is already in charge of making pictures, signing her name and coloring the envelope for her thank you notes.

I owe a long over-due, digital thank you to the Fairy Hobmother. What is the Fairy Hobmother? The Fairy Hobmother is a mythical creature in the blogging world (invented by Appliances Online) who chooses bloggers to bestow an Amazon gift card upon. Not for any reason other than to make their day. I can assure you my day was made when the Fairy Hobmother visited me and gifted an Amazon gift card. So thank you Fairy Hobmother for your gift and for thinking of all the bloggers out there.

And thank you to my winners who take the time to thank me – handwritten or digital – when they win a giveaway. It makes my job so much more rewarding. If you are lucky enough to win something in the future, either from me or another blogger, consider sending the host a thank you. I assure you it will make their day too.

The Fairy Hobmother for visited my blog and gifted me a gift card, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

9 thoughts on “The Thank You Note”

  1. I’m a big fan of thank you notes too! 🙂 I love when a reader or a friend sends me one…it just makes my day.

    Congratulations on your fairy visit!!


  2. I love handwritten notes as well. Out of the blue a girlfriend who moved away alomost 2 years ago sent me a note. All that it said was that she’d be in town over the summer and couldn’t wait to see me.

    It made my day. Just a simple note. It probably didn’t take a huge effort on her part. But that small effort got me so excited. I thought it was the nicest thing to take the time to write it. She could’ve easily sent me an email or a text message. But she chose to send me a card.

    I’ll never forget it.

  3. I am a big believer in thank-you notes as well! I think a sincere and personal thank-you note can be really impactful, and is worth it since someone spent the time to do something nice to deserve a note to begin with!

  4. My mom always taught me the importance of a real handwritten thank you note – how nice of your winners! And how awesome that the Hobmother paid you a visit!

  5. I totally agree! Thank you note writing in a dying art. I’ve attended (and given gifts at) several weddings where all I hear after that is crickets… I hope the next winner sends you a card!


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