Global Resort Homes ~ A Different Way To Vacation In Central Florida

When families visit Central Florida they have a lot of choices; what to do, where to eat and where to sleep and so many others. There are literally thousands of options for tourists here in the land of Mickey Mouse. Coming from a mom who recently spent a weekend in a single hotel room with a 4 year old and a 6 month old, having just a single room for the whole family is not ideal. Hello sitting in a dark room hoping your 4 year old will fall asleep so you can quietly turn the TV back on.

For those looking for an alternative, and yet still affordable, solution let me introduce you to Global Resort Homes.

Global Resort Homes

Gorgeous right?

Global Resort Homes offers guests room to spread out in homes and town homes located just minutes from the attractions. Imagine, instead of that cramped single room your family is able to enjoy multiple bedrooms, a kitchen, laundry, living room and more. How about a pool in the backyard, would that excite the kids?

Last month I enjoyed my second stay at a Global Resort Homes in the Windsor Hills community with a group of bloggers. It was wonderful. I can only imagine how perfect a resort home like this would be for a big family traveling (we had six bedrooms!). No need to separate the group to go back to your rooms, everyone can hang in the living room to spend some real quality time together.

Global Resort Homs

Another budget-friendly reason to stay in a Global Resort Home, you can skip eating out for breakfast. Instead make a quick stop at Walmart to stock your kitchen with your favorite breakfast items (and snacks). How much do you think that would save you? With eating out for breakfast costing anywhere from $10-30, it could save you a bundle. You could even pack your own lunch for the parks, if you were so inclined.

Global Resort Homes

While spending seven days at theme parks sounds like a good idea before you leave home, let me assure you that by day three everyone needs a little down time. When you stay at a Global Resort Home you can just hang (even if just for an afternoon). Chill by the pool I mentioned earlier or (in some homes) enjoy your own game room. All without fighting crowds. In the Windsor Hills area I stayed in there were even several parks with playgrounds.

Global Resort Homes

Yes, I did include a picture of the laundry room. Not because I think you should have to do chores while on vacay, but let’s face it sometimes even on vacay you need to do a quick wash.

If you are visiting the Central Florida area, I highly recommend Global Resort Homes. Wouldn’t you rather take a dip in the hot tub while the kids snooze than sit in a dark room trying not to breathe too loud?

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Disclosure – I was invited to a Chimpanzee premiere blogger event, which included my adventures in Florida. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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