Cost Effective Home Security: What’s right for you?

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Let’s face it, keeping our home and our children safe is something we think about – a lot. Or at least I do. There are natural hazards to content with like fire, flooding, earthquakes – and of course, burglary. Which I found out happens disconcertingly quickly – as often as every 15 seconds in the U.S.

So I started to think about how to eliminate, or at least greatly diminish, the robbery hazard from my family’s life. We have a fire alarm to keep us safe so why not a burglar alarm, too? According to experts, in order to prevent your family from becoming a burglary statistic, you have to eliminate them from being potential victims. Burglaries aren’t really random. In fact, potential intruders search for a particular kind of property: one that looks unoccupied, has easy cover, and is not protected by a security system.

Security Alarm

So what makes up a security system? Well, you could call in experts to set up an elaborate, wired system, or you could do it yourself, choosing the right techniques to make you feel safe. Some of them are pretty simple.

First of all, trim your shrubs and hedges. A more open area around your home is much less attractive to would-be robbers. Second, make sure you have a sturdy dead bolt in place on your front and back doors. Third, keep your lighting bright – no burned out bulbs or dark walk ways.

Some highly recommended and inexpensive security options also include a door-stop-like wedge alarm that keeps a door from opening and lets loose 120 loud decibels if someone makes the attempt. Its battery operated and tamper-proof.

A wireless driveway alert system is another good idea. Put it near your driveway or walkway to alert you if uninvited visitors approach. It’s battery operated and weather resistant, too.

A little more expensive, but a great way to monitor your home no matter where you are, a digital security camera records pictures day and night and can store images over a fairly long period of time. It’s a great way to check on your house when you’re on vacation, or if the kids are alone at home with a sitter.

I thought a full-blown wireless security alarm system would be out of my price range, but that wasn’t the case. Wireless alarms are easy to install and use sensors that work through radio signals. You can also connect them to a smoke alarm and a central monitoring station. There are lots of relatively inexpensive options that offer the ability to set up different security zones in your house.

The growing trend toward wireless, do it yourself installation means prices are relatively low and the alarms themselves are fairly simple to install.

So the question is, how do you know the kind of security system that will work best for you? The simple answer is one that will cover all of the entrances and exits in your house, and will still be cost effective.

With larger homes, you may need to use two wireless systems, or consider investing in an installed and wired system.

And of course, once you’ve set a security system up, you’ll want to choose your way of monitoring it – through your cell phone or lap top, or simply by using a sound based alarm.

Whatever home security system you decide on, I was glad to see you can set up an effective, inclusive system without breaking the bank – and keep any potential break-ins away.

Madison Parker is a security expert whose interests include both personal and home security systems. Get more tips and advice on the blog Home Security Systems!

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