Pepsi Next You Gotta Drink It To Believe It

This week I was one of 100 people across the country sent a sneak preview of Pepsi’s newest product Pepsi Next. I have to say I was blown away by the presentation. How many times have you received an ice cold soda delivered to you door? Pretty cool right?

I don’t drink a lot of soda, but when I do it’s the real thing. I am not a diet soda kind of gal – I just don’t like the taste. But I am always willing to try something new. So along comes Pepsi Next, said to taste like the real deal, this mid-calorie soda has 60% less sugar and less than half the calories. Sounds good, but the real question… how does it taste?

It tastes like Pepsi.

No really, it does. Ok, it’s not exactly the same. I think it has a bit of a artificial sweeter aftertaste. It’s not terribly strong, but for someone who doesn’t drink diet I noticed it. But it does NOT taste like a diet Pepsi, it has most of the flavor of the real deal. So if you are a die-hard Pepsi drinker looking to cut calories and sugar – you’ll just have to Drink it to Believe it.

Pepsi Next

Here’s the comparison

  • Pepsi 41 g sugar – Pepsi Next 15 g sugar
  • Pepsi 150 calories – Pepsi Next 60 calories
  • Pepsi 30 mg sodium – Pepsi Next 60 mg sodium
  • Pepsi 41 grams total carbs – Pepsi Next 16 grams total carbs
Pepsi Next will be released March 26, 2012.

Disclosure – I was sent Pepsi Next for my feedback, and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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