Good Morning America Deals and Steals February 23, 2012

Good Morning America is back with another installment of their popular Deals and Steals for February 23, 2012. Today’s deals feature ‘GMA’ Exclusive Deals to Freshen Up Your Home for Spring.

First, the fine print:

1. Use the promo codes and links provided below only on the dates listed to receive the savings.

2. All deals available only while supplies last. No back orders or rain checks unless specified by the retailer.

3. Exclusive deals are applicable only to the items specified below. The savings are not applicable to other items on each site.

4. Deals cannot be combined with other coupons and offers.

5. Contact retailers directly for any questions about products, pricing and delivery before ordering online.

6. You might experience temporary technical issues because of the high volume of traffic. Thanks for your patience.

Harry Barker: Food Storage, Food Bowls, Treat Canisters, Beds & More for Dogs

Original: $12 – $95
GMA Exclusive Deal: $6 – $47.50
50% savings on dog products Valid: 2/23/12 use promo code GMA50

Spruce up your pup’s food storage by choosing from a fun and functional selection of Harry Barker products, all of which are eco-friendly and made from recycled, sustainable or recyclable materials. The dog bowls and food storage canisters are both FDA approved recycled steel. The beds are a hemp/cotton blend with a removable cover able to be washed. Additional items are available on the deal page too. Standard shipping starts at $7.95 and is free on orders over $200.

Rosy Rings: Assorted Candles and Reed Diffuser

Original: $8 – $52
GMA Exclusive Deal: $4 – $26
50% savings on assorted candles and reed diffusers
Valid: 2/23/12 thru 2/24/12 (no promo code needed when using this exclusive link)

Rosy Rings is a woman-owned company started in 1997 in Denver, Colorado, where all of their candles and diffusers are handmade. The botanical candles are filled with real fruit, shells, spices, and other natural elements. As the candle burns down the middle, the botanicals are encased in the wax and gorgeously illuminated. The burn time on the botanical candles is 120-200 hours. The reed diffusers are also filled with real fruit, shells, spices and other natural elements. The scents will permeate the environment for 6-9 months. The Apothecary Jars are hand-poured with a 100% natural wax blend. Standard shipping starts at $11 and free shipping on orders over $100. Personalized Acrylic Photo & Designer Blocks and Lucite Trays

Original: $59 – $119
GMA Exclusive Deal: $29.50 – $59.50
50% savings on personalized acrylic photo blocks and lucite trays
Valid: 2/23/12 thru 2/24/12 using promo code GMA

Erin Condren brings style to ordinary products that will brighten any day. The acrylic blocks are a personalized and stylized alternative to a traditional photo frame. Personalize the front with a photo and the back with colorful, commemorative text. Your image is viewed through 1-inch thick crystal clear acrylic. The lucite trays deliver a stylish breakfast in bed or can be used as a catch-all for personal items on any desk. Standard shipping starts at $6.

Calyx Flowers: True Blue Orchids & Designer Orchid Plant

Original: $40 – $90
GMA Exclusive Deal: $20 – $40
50 – 55% savings on orchids
Valid: 2/23/12 use promo code GMA

Orchids have long been highly sought after because of the unusual beauty of their design. The True Blue Orchids are striking exotic dendrobium orchids that are color-enhanced to create their spectacular sapphire. The Designer Orchid Plant is a captivating phalaenopsis plant that stands tall for all to admire its beautiful blooms that can individually last for a month or longer with proper care. Additional orchids are featured in this deal at up to 50% off. Buy today and select your ship date, based on availability, at checkout. Ship dates range from 3/5/12 to 4/27/12. Standard shipping is $8.99, which reflects a 50% discount for GMA viewers.

Tomboy Tools: Tomboy Traveler, Mini Paint Kit, The Basics

Original: $39 – $79
GMA Exclusive Deal: $19.50 – $39.50
50% savings on tool kits for women
Valid: 2/23/12 use promo code GMA

Tomboy Tools mission is to build confidence and empower women through education and quality tools. The Tomboy Traveler is the perfect tool bag to haul your tools and accessories around wherever you might need them. It contacts 10 tools, accessories and safety items in a canvas zippered bag. All tools are lightweight, top quality, ergonomically designed with unique features that make working on projects easier. Choose from three sets, including a mini paint kit and a small tool kit with just the basics. Standard shipping is $4.95 per item.

Welcome Home Brands: Oven Safe Paper and Plastic Bakeware

Original: $42 – $52
GMA Exclusive Deal: $14.70 – $18.20
65% savings on freestanding oven safe paper and plastic bakeware
Valid: 2/23/12 thru 2/24/12 (no promo code needed when using this exclusive link)

A new twist on traditional bakeware. You’ll receive 40 brown or 45 colorful freestanding oven-safe paper or plastic bakeware. These pieces replace metal bakeware, avoiding pre-greasing and messy cleanups and allowing you to present your baked goods in style. Bake, serve, store and give all in one. Standard shipping is $4.

Erinn V. Maison: Home Décor Items and Accessories

Original: $78 – $324
GMA Exclusive Deal: $39 – $162
50% savings on an assortment of items and accessories for your home
Valid: 2/23/12 thru 2/24/12 using promo code GMA

Erinn V Design Group specializes in residential and commercial design, remodeling and new construction with a bold signature style and flair of color and pattern. These products represent the essence of Erinn V Design Group. Shipping starts at $15.


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  1. I Ordered 4 sniffle duffles around 1/12/12. I have never received them. Who do I f/u with to see why I did not receive them. They were paid for at time of order.

  2. I sent note about not getting my orchid . They called this am and cleared it all up. It should be here by Wed. Thank you.


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