Valentine’s Day Fun Facts

Red and pink hearts. Over-sized stuffed bears. Balloons and trinkets. It’s February!

Whether the day of ♥LOVE♥ makes your heart swoon or you are among the jaded who complain that the day is nothing more than a Hallmark holiday to boost retail sales,  you can’t escape St Valentine’s Day. Did you know that more than a billion (yes, billion with a b) cards will be sent? That’s second only to Christmas when we send more than 2.5 billion cards (I contributed my share!).

Here are some more interesting facts about cupid’s day:

In addition to all those cards, 110 million red roses are sent. And chocolate lovers devour more 35 million boxes of those heart shaped boxes of goodness (dark chocolate Godiva for me please). But the top-selling sweet treat, 8 BILLION conversation hearts! (I just love those sweet confections.)

Valentine's Day HeartStatistically, men spend more money on gifts for their sweetie. But we girls don’t forget all about our guys, we like to spoil our guys too with gifts of jewelry (like black tungsten rings), technology (like giant plasma screens) and even flowers (27% of flowers are purchased by women).

But it isn’t all about romance. Guess who receives the most Valentines – teachers! (Which reminds me I need something for K’s teachers.) Next up our kids, moms and finally wives and girlfriends. Fiddo isn’t forgotten either. Nearly $367 million are spent on Valentine’s Day gifts for pets. (Shocked? I am!)

So just what are you expecting (or hoping) to receive on February 14? Chocolates, flowers, jewelry?

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