Sam’s & Chex Mix Party Challenge ~ Giveaway

Sure it’s a cereal, but I think it is eaten as a snack more often than any other cereal. I did a little search for Chex Mix recipe ideas, and I was amazed at all of the amazing ways to prepare Chex Mix for a party. Forget just throwing in some pretzels, Cheese Its and M&Ms (although that’s one of my favorites), some people go all out!

Sam’s Club and Chex want to challenge you to include a Chex Mix in your next bash. Whether it is a holiday affair, a party to ring in the New Year or a birthday party, your guests are sure to enjoy a sweet and salty snack. To make your preparations easy (well, easier) Chex has a number of 15-minute recipe ideas, tips and tricks and even some creative packaging ideas available at

If you are planning to take a snack to a holiday party this year, consider one of these yummy Chex Mix recipes. (Click on the names to get any of these fabulous recipes.)

The classic, Muddy Buddies.

Cinnamon Apple Chex Mix

Chocolate Chex Caramel Crunch

White Chocolate PB&J Muddy Mix

Snickerdoodle Chex Mix

And the award to the CUTEST Chex Mix – Santa Party Mix

Now that I have your mouth watering for some Chex Mix goodness. How about a giveaway courtesy of Sam’s Club and Chex Mix?

Giveaway – This giveaway has ended.

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