Good Morning America December Daily Deals – December 19th

Here are Good Morning America and Tory Johnson’s December Daily Deals for December 19, 2011.

All deals are valid only on the dates listed and are available while supplies last. Deals may not be combined with other coupons and offers. Contact the retailers directly for any questions about products, pricing and delivery before ordering online.

D&N Kids: Rolling Suitcase, Lunch Bag, Backpack

Original: $22 – $74
GMA Exclusive Deal: $11 – $37
50% savings on suitcases, lunch bags and backpacks using promo code GMA
Valid: 12/19/11 thru 12/20/11

Whether going on vacation or to school, these items are unique and fun for your kids. The rolling suitcase’s wheels on the bottom make this great luggage to haul their stuff wherever your little adventurer travels. And forget brown-bagging it — with this totally trendy lunch bag, your little one will look forward to bringing lunch to school or day care every day of the week. The insulated lining keeps all their snacks at the perfect temperature. Lastly, whether your child is headed to school, day care or just their best bud’s house for a play date, pack this backpack with everything they’ll need for a day of fun and adventure.  Standard shipping is $9.30 for the rolling suitcase and $5.35 for the lunch bag and backpack.

A Tavola Together: A Tavola Together 5-Minute Foccacia Bread

Original: $18
GMA Exclusive Deal: $9
50% savings on 3-pack of foccacia bread mix using promo code GMA
Valid: 12/18/11 thru 12/20/11

It takes just five minutes to mix this delicious Italian foccacia bread. It’s very simple: just add sparkling water and let it rise before baking. This is a delicious Italian treat for the modern kitchen. The best part about this pack is that it’s versatile: make bread, appetizers, pizza bread, sandwich bread, and more. The 3-pack includes two original flavors and one rosemary flavor; you can choose between a regular or gluten free pack. Free shipping!

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