Tinker Bell Pixie Hollow Games Doll Review ~ Holiday Gift Guide

Sure, she got her start as Peter Pan’s sidekick, but since then Tinker Bell’s rise to fame has lead to staring roles in three movie deals. With her rise to stardom, Tink’s merchandise line has grown to include countless dolls, play sets, games, figurines and more. To celebrate the fairies brand new adventure “Pixie Hollow Games,” Jakks Pacific has introduced a new line of fairy dolls.

The new special “Pixie Hollow Games,” introduced several new fairies (and sparrow men), and Jakks Pacific brought these fairies to life with the new dolls. We received one of the new fairies, Glimmer, who my daughter promptly declared was her favorite because she wears purple and has blonde hair like her. (I love three-year-old logic.)

Why I love them – Even though fairies are tiny, the 9″ fairy dolls are just the right size to play along with my daughter’s Disney Princesses in her princess tower. This allows our ever growing line of dolls to play nicely together. (Also means mommy doesn’t have to buy yet another doll house in a different size.) Oh, and they are Disney Fairies, what’s not to love.

Buy it – You can buy Disney Fairy dolls from the Pixie Hollow Games at Target or on Amazon.

Great Gift For – Little Fairy lovers who can’t get enough dolls.

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Tinker Bell Pixie Hollow Games

Disclosure – Product was provided to facilitate this review, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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