4 Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving Crafts

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we sat down to make some easy, kid-friendly crafts for the holiday. We made all four of these crafts in about an hour, with things I already had in our craft supplies.

First up, the toilet-paper-roll Turkey (yeay upcycling!). I wish I had Googly eyes to add, but I didn’t t have any in my stash. He turned out cute without them, but I might still add them later. Note, those are the hands of my 3 year old, it would be cute to make this with hands from the whole family. I debated how to attach them and ended up deciding staples would hold up better over time.

Thanksgiving Turkey Hand Print Craft

Since the toilet-paper-roll Turkey turned out to be a very mommy centered craft (I traced her hands, and then did all of the assembly myself). K colored this simple hand-print craft while I assembled the Turkey. Great craft to keep little ones busy. If I did this again, I would make photocopies of her traced hands and let her color hand-print masterpieces for everyone.

Thanksgiving Hand Print Craft

We recently got some finger paints that K has been dying to test out, so we painted her hand and voila. This craft turned out so cute, I wish it was on something nicer for display, like a mini stretched canvas. (Note to self for next time.)

Thanksgiving Turkey Hand Print Craft

Finally, we had to make the princess a Thanksgiving crown. Since K is just learning to use scissors and wants to use them every chance she gets, this was her favorite craft to make. I cut out the feathers (totally just eyeballed the shape), and then I let her snip the edges to fringe the feathers. She can’t wait to show off her crown at Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Crown Kid Craft

Hope you enjoy our crafts, Happy Thanksgiving!

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