Dyson Air Multiplier Table Fan Review

Sometimes a product comes into your life just when you need it the most. The Dyson Air Multiplier arrived in the dead of Florida’s summer with me at 7 months pregnant. This normally cold mamma, has been hot for months, and recently I started getting hot flashes. My Dyson Air Multiplier is my best friend! ūüôā

The original plan for this awesome fan was the office, for my hubby. He is the one who gets hot, after all. But it has since relocated to my work space at the kitchen table where it blows cool air on me all day long! But enough about me, let’s talk about this “fan.”

If you’ve never seen one of these gadgets in person, you have to find one and check it out. It is seriously one of those ingenious products that will make you say, “How do they do that?” Plus, it is so cool looking, it is almost like a work of art.

I still remember the giant white fan with¬†blue blades we had growing up. I was¬†fascinated¬†by that fan, and I loved making my voice sound funny by talking into it. With a lack of blades, that funny sounding voice¬†is the ONLY feature the Dyson Air Mulitplier doesn’t offer. And as the mom to a three year old with another on the way, I LOVE that I will never have to worry about curious little fingers poking through the cage into the blades’ path.

Dyson Air Multiplier

I have seen reviews complaining that the¬†Dyson Air Mulitplier doesn’t push out enough air… I am not sure who they are trying to cool with their fans because it pushes out a lot of air. It is actually amazing how much air this thing puts out from a small space around the rim that is about¬†millimeter¬†(or so, I didn’t measure). Using the technology that helps jet planes fly, more than five gallons of air per second are drawn in and pushed out over the¬†airfoil-shaped ramp. Seriously cool.

It is wild because if you put your hand in the center of the fan, you can’t feel any air. But sit back a foot or two and you get a nice, steady, cool breeze.

As a life-long allergy sufferer, another thing I love about not having blades is that the fan is super easy to clean. Have you ever noticed how much dust accumulates on fan blades? Their is no cage to take apart and clean, I just wipe it down with my Swiffer if it gets a bit dusty.

Check out my video demo:


All in all – I am a big fan (pun intended). It is not an inexpensive purchase, however, the safety factor and the ability to easily clean make this a very cool purchase (yes, going with the theme here). It also makes a great gift for that Dad you never know what to buy – my husband loves this thing, and my mom already mentioned getting my dad one for Christmas.

The 10″¬†Dyson Air¬†Multipler¬†(like mine)¬†typically retails for $229, but it is currently available for $199 on Amazon. The tower fan¬†typically retails for $449.99, but is currently available for $299. If you have considered picking one of these up, now’s the time.

Dyson Air Multiplier

Disclosure РI was provided a Dyson Air Multiplier to facilitate this review, however, all thoughts an opinions are my own. 

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