Virtual Baby Shower – Gerber Graduates Yogurt Melts with Veggies Review

One of the first “snack” foods my daughter was introduced to were Gerber Graduates’ yogurt melts, and to this day she still loves these puffed yogurt pieces. And I mean REALLY loves!

Since they are really made of freeze-dried yogurt and fruit (no preservatives), I have always felt good about giving them to her as a snack. But now Gerber Graduates has stepped up the healthy snack by adding veggies to the yogurt melts. Nice!

Gerber Graduates Yogurt Melts

K has always been a great eater who actually likes her veggies – broccoli, peas, corn, edamame, etc. But sneaking in a few extra veggies at snack time can’t be a bad thing. So I was game to try the new fruit and veggie melts, which come in two varieties Very Berry Blend and Truly Tropical Blend. Let me tell you, K had no problem gobbling these up just like the older version. Of course, she wanted the “pink” ones first (Very Berry), but once she tried the “yellow” ones, she was just as happy.

But how much veggies are really in these yogurt melts?

According to Gerber there are actually three toddler-sized servings per bag (a toddler-sized serving is 1/4 a cup of veggies). The math gets a bit fuzzy on me here because the recommended serving size is 1/4 a bag… so less than a full serving per snack. Obviously, this isn’t a veggie replacement, but hey that’s more veggies than she had in her day otherwise. So I am all about it.

Interestingly, the basis for both varieties is a butternut squash puree.

Frankly, I think yogurt melts (in general) have very little taste to them, but I can’t deny the kiddos love them. Since they pass K’s takes test, assuming price is the same on the new variety, I’ll be getting the veggie ones from now on.  Moms to be and new moms – get ready to stock up on these snacks!

Gerber Graduates

Disclosure – I was provided samples of the new yogurt melts to facilitate this review, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

13 thoughts on “Virtual Baby Shower – Gerber Graduates Yogurt Melts with Veggies Review”

  1. T LOVES them! I haven’t tried the ones with veggies but maybe next time we will. I hadn’t seen them yet. She gets really upset if she sees the bag and doesn’t get any.

  2. I’d be interested in the ingredients to see what else (besides veggies) they have in there. Sometimes I’m surprised by ingredient lists (in bad and good ways)

  3. My now 5 year old loved the plain yogurt melts! The added veggies are a great idea. I will be sure to feed these to the little guy when he’s ready

  4. These were definitely one of my son’s favorites for a long time and he still loves them. We have tried the veggie ones and he likes them just as well. I noticed the veggie ones seem to have a stronger flavor than the fruit only kind.


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