Virtual Baby Shower – One Step Ahead Review

With my first, I had the luxury of planning my day-to-day activities around her schedule. We had a routine that revolved around her nap, feeding and play schedule. Heck, even at three years old our schedule pretty much revolves around what works for her. Sure, there is the occasional shift in routine, but it is mostly her world.

For baby #2, I already anticipate the second-child syndrome of having to be flexible around big sister’s activities. From preschool pick up to dance class, I’ll be dragging this kiddo through sister’s world. After all, I can’t well keep a busy three year old home with me all of the time – we’d all go nuts!

In the beginning, the infant car seat will be her perch. But soon enough she will need more entertainment than just me rocking her. Dreading a baby wanting to crawl around dirty floors (ick), I know I will need somewhere to put her. Check out the solution I found.

One Step Ahead

The KidCo Go-Pod Portable Activity Center¬†from One Step Ahead is an activity center on the go. It is lightweight (7 lbs) and folds easily, making it the perfect place to plop the baby for some play time while we wait for Sis. Can’t you see us waiting in the dance studio lobby playing happily while mom watches big Sis dance? Ahhhhh, one can hope it will be this simple, right? ūüôā

Another great use for this portable wonder is on playdates to visit big sister’s friends, or traveling when bringing along an entire swing or exersauser is outs the question. Really the possibilities for use go on and on…

One Step Ahead

Of course nothing lasts forever, and the product recommends for use from 4 months and up to 26 lbs or the baby starts walking. I fear it will be a sad day when it is time to retire this handy contraption, but isn’t it always a sad day when they move on from stage to stage and old toys are left behind?

Features I love:

  • Protective floor mat – no touching an icky floor with little toes
  • A cup holder and a snack holder – will put snacks in a cup so I don’t have to clean holders
  • 5 loops for attaching toys – yeay, no¬†picking¬†up toys that have been thrown on the floor
  • Carrying bag with shoulder strap makes it super easy to take on the go – easy peasy fold too
  • 4 adjustable height¬†positions¬†to¬†accommodate¬†your growing baby – see picture above that shows poll in¬†highest¬†position

Overall, this is a nifty contraption. The only con that I have noticed is that it takes some serious finger¬†pressure¬†to adjust the height, but since that isn’t something you will do often it isn’t that big of a deal. Besides, you really¬†wouldn’t¬†want little fingers adjusting the height, so just and FYI more than a con.

The KidCo Go-Pod Portable Activity Center is available from One Step Ahead for $49.95. If you have never shopped from One Step Ahead, you should really check it out. The company carries all kinds of solutions for babies that I have never seen anywhere else, all kinds of great stuff.

I am excited that One Step Ahead is participating in The Suburban Mom’s Virtual Baby Shower. In addition to all of the other fabulous prizes, the winner will win a KidCo Go-Pod Portable Activity Center!

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One Step Ahead

Disclosure –¬†I¬†received¬†the KidCo Go-Pod Portable Activity Center to¬†facilitate¬†this review and one is being provided for the winner, however, all thoughts and¬†opinions¬†are my own.

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  1. I wish they had one of these when we lived in St. Maarten. It would have been great for the beach under an umbrella. That is a good idea though for dance classes. Hudson would love it!

  2. What a great idea! This would be perfect for trips or visits to someone’s house. I will have to keep this in mind for the next one.


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