Virtual Baby Shower — Baby Bjorn Bib Review

Baby Bjorn is best known for its big baby gear – carriers, highchairs, etc – but in my house we love Baby Bjorn for its bib. Yes, its bib.

Unlike cloth bibs or even those plastic coated bibs, the Baby Bjorn bib is made of a soft (but stiff) plastic with a handy pocket to catch everything that misses your baby/toddler’s mouth. The bib’s stiff shape ensures that the pocket really does catch all of the dribbles and spills unlike other bibs where food slides right past the pocket that has closed on itself. In fact, when my daughter was younger it was often comical how much food ended up in the bib. (Nowadays, she just picks the food right out of the bib and eats it.)

My husband swears it is “the ONLY bib you ever need.” I was not as easily sold as he was, in fact, when she was a baby I wasn’t the bib’s biggest fan. I am not sure exactly what my reservations were with the bib when K was younger (probably the stiffness), but as she has gotten older the bib has become my handy helper. All of the other bibs have long been retired, but the Baby Bjorn bib is still used several times a week. Most of the time a three year old doesn’t need a bib, but for messy dinners like lasagna, it is a shirt saver.

A big plus for the Baby Bjorn bib is no more messy bib washing and stain removing. (I used to spend a lot of time trying to get the stains out of all of K’s cute little bibs.)  With the Baby Bjorn bib, you just wipe clean, wash with soap and water or toss in the dishwasher. Oh yes, right into the dishwasher it goes. Worried about damaging the bib? Ours still looks new after countless cycles in the dishwasher. I swear it is virtually indestructible, but it is recyclable 🙂

The bib’s specifications say for babies four months and older, but because of the stiff nature of the bib I would hold off using until your baby is able to sit on their own (my daughter hit this milestone at six months).

Yes, this plastic bib has crept into my heart, and now we have a matching set for K and her baby sister.

The Baby Bjorn Bib is available on Amazon for $11.95 in pink, green, yellow, blue and red.

I am excited that Baby Bjorn is participating in The Suburban Mom’s Virtual Baby Shower. In addition to all of the other fabulous prizes, the winner will win a prize pack that includes: a Baby Bjorn Bib, cup, plate and spoon retail value +$50!

Enter to win The Suburban Mom’s Virtual Baby Shower Giveaway valued at more than $550 here!!!

Disclosure – I received a Baby Bjorn prize pack to facilitate this review and one is being provided for the winner, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

23 thoughts on “Virtual Baby Shower — Baby Bjorn Bib Review”

  1. Wow, I have never heard of this. I always associate Baby Bjorn with carriers. This seems like an extremely reasonable price considering how durable it is. You gotta love that it goes in the dishwasher too!

  2. We have these bibs too. Believe it or not one of our close friends, her family (aunts and uncles) own baby bjorn. She gave them to Lilly with the plate and spoons, we also have the baby carrier and the potty that fits on top of the big toilet. I love their products!

  3. It is so hard to find a bib with a pocket! Every time Jayne eats I find half of it under her bottom lol! I’m gonna have to go and get one of these now lol.

  4. This is such a great idea. I hate cleaning bibs (which get dirty every meal time) You put it in the dishwasher!!! I am in love with this, I’m going to have to go out and get one (or more)

  5. I think it’s neat that it is also recyclable. Even though it looks really durable, I know after being passed from kid to kid in our family, it won’t last forever.

  6. I was not easily sold on these bibs either. The stiffness just seemed “off” to me. I saw how easy it was for my sister to clean up after two year old twins with these and that did it. I added the two pack to my registery.


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