Mamma Needs a Spa Day, Everyday

There just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. Most days I feel like my to-do lists are only half accomplished, and yet I am exhausted. Sound familiar?

One of the few things that helps bring me back to normal from totally frazzled are pampering days. I was actually lucky enough to have one a few weeks ago during my stay at Hammock Beach Resort (ahhhh so nice), but I really think that I need to have one about once a month (or more) in order to really stay even-keeled. (Although I know that’s never going to happen since a pampering day is dead last on my list of things to do – LOL.)

In addition to being at the bottom of my list, another reason I don’t make pampering mom a high priority is that it can be hard to justify the cost – even though I know it ultimately helps me be a happier, healthier mom. (I am sure you can relate.) One way that helps me justify the cost when I get around to a spa day is that I am ever on the look out for good spa discounts. If I can get a really good deal on spa treatments, then I figure it is my duty to take advantage of the deal and relax – for once.

Of course when I receive spa treatments as a gift… that’s another incentive. Hint. Hint. 🙂

My favorite spa treatment is a deep tissue massage, although I’s be perfectly happy with a prenatal massage right about now. What’s your favorite spa treatment?

1 thought on “Mamma Needs a Spa Day, Everyday”

  1. I like facials….and of course pedicures! I am not too into massages they seem to make me sore and give me migraines no matter how much water i drink!


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