The Breastfeeding Baby Doll – Yeay or Nay?

Have you seen it? Have you seen the Breastfeeding Doll by Bebe Gloton? The doll has been all over the news recently, and appears to be the world’s most controversial baby doll — yep, a controversial baby doll. To me, the doll is less controversial that the price tag +$100!

Bebe Gloton Breastfeeding Baby Doll

The doll makes baby noises and cries when it is “hungry,” and then the little mommy can adorn a breastfeeding halter to “nurse” her baby. When the baby “latches on” it wiggles and makes suckling sounds like it is nursing. It’s a little strange, and probably very annoying to listen to as a parent (I get annoyed just walking down the doll aisle at Target with all those baby dolls crying and cooing at me), but controversial — not to me.

Little girls are going to nurse their dolls. It’s plain and simple. I have seem most, if not all, of my daughter’s friends imitate this natural act with their dolls, and it has only gotten more pronounced since I am pregnant. Several of the little girls tell their moms that they have babies in their bellies like me. They are fascinated by being little mommies, and the love to play pretend, that’s just the way it is.

Already among the babies in the Target aisle is the Baby Alive “Changing Time Baby” (once called the “Whoopsie Doo doll”) that really “pees and poos” when you feed it. Not the most appetizing of doll choices, and I hope we don’t beg for that doll in the coming years because it sounds like mess mom has to clean, but it’s a baby doll that mimics a natural bodily function… and little girls like to pretend to change diapers. So I get it’s point, and I get the point of the Breastfeeding Baby Doll.


While I haven’t seen my daughter “breastfeed” her dolls yet, I am sure that once I start nursing her baby sister she will begin to mimic this action with her dolls. I don’t think that her mimicking mommy feeding the baby is going to lead to teen pregnancy, and I don’t think it is creepy, it’s just how little girls play. But I do think little girls can effectively play pretend with a plain-old baby doll, and they don’t need a +$100 doll to nurse. I am sure I have dropped too much money on certain “must have toys,” and will do so more often as she gets older, but this isn’t one I predict that we will own.

What do you think? No big deal or a major contversy? And will the Breastfeeding Baby Doll be under your little girl’s Christmas tree?

7 thoughts on “The Breastfeeding Baby Doll – Yeay or Nay?”

  1. I think its totally inappropriate. I’m all for breastfeeding and agree it is natural, but to see a child pretend to do it is creepy. I get that they will mimic what they see, and so be it if its with a current toy, but to create a doll for the sole purpose is just weird to me. I definitly would not buy it, even it was only $10.00 rather than 100.

  2. I think making the doll is weird, but apporpriate. I am a breastfeeding mother of a 5 month old and my daughter nurses her baby at the same time I do. She whips up her shirt and feeds her baby anytime and anywhere. I think it’s totally cute, but I wouldn’t buy the doll.

  3. I don’t think it’s weird….but I do think the halter top with fake flower breasts is weird. Also, I don’t think girls need a “breastfeeding” doll. They can use any doll to pretend they are feeding their baby.
    I do support that this might give girls at a younger age a healthier attitude about breastfeeding. I nursed both of babies until they were almost a year, and you have no idea how many of the teen girls at my church (I am a Children’s minister) said that it was gross. I never nursed in front of them, but I would excuse myself to go feed my baby, and they would ask if they could give the baby the bottle. When I explained that I was nursing, they would freak out.

  4. I would never buy a doll for the sole purpose of it being able to breastfeed, but I see nothing wrong with it or girls imitating breastfeeding. That is what breast are for, only in America have we sexualized breasts. So kids knowing their real purpose and not an idolized purpose for breasts seems more appropriate to me.

  5. I think it is slightly overpriced….I love that they are trying though to level the playing field. I mean, I get annoyed when Every single doll in America is sold with a bottle to go with it. My daughter loses those bottles and then ends up just “nursing” it. I do not think the crying and all that is needed. But I sure do like the idea of selling a baby that nurses!

  6. Breast feeding is natural and a normal function inspired by God The whole purpose in using Breast first off! Breast was not for what perverted ppl have made the world believe they were for @DaDefinition DjChicken stated “It was no different… from the baby dolls the peep and have daipers” lots of callers and Thepowerposse Big-Abe if im not mistaking disagreed but i feel its educational and show there is no shame in nurturing your baby. I understand what other people are saying but its all in how you look at things… Like im saying how is it different from the Baby Alive???? Show children how to feed, change, cloth, and care for a baby but you cant show them how to breast feed?

  7. Why is there anything wrong or “inappropriate” about it? What’s wrong with feeding your child sans bottle? Isn’t that the norm? Isn’t that what our breasts are made for? I’m sorry, but my breast are not just for looks, they’re functional too and they do a darn fine job at feeding my children. If my daughter wants to feed her doll, she can, whether with a little plastic bottle or by holding it up to her breast. I’ve seen her do both.


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