How To Baby Proof Your TV

You probably baby-proofed the entire house long before baby arrived. Locking away cleaning supplies with childproof locks, inserting outlet covers in ever outlet in the house and gating stairways. But did you remember to baby proof your TV? Let’s face it, that flat screen TV that graces your living room wasn’t cheap, and you probably don’t want to have to replace it due to a costly accident. So here are some hot ideas to baby proof your TV before baby begins to crawl, climb, throw and potentially wreck havoc on your entertainment center.

Number 1 – We all love our flat screen TVs, but they lack the security big-fat-tube TVs once provided. They topple easily. If you have a climber in your family, it is crucial to tether your TV and anchor it to the wall. Most TV stands come with wall anchors, for good reason, so use them. Anchor now, save your sanity later!

Number 2 – Never doubt the power of a toddler. They may be small, but they can wield a powerful force. Case in point, a good friend lost his new TV to the power behind his 2-year-old son wielding a Wii remote. I am not sure if the wrist guard slipped or it wasn’t in use, but the end result was the same — the Wii remote crashed through the flat-screen TV.  (True story.) Toddler 1 vs TV 0. Invest in a screen protector (like TV Armor) for your TV, it’s worth the money to protect your TV from your future quarterback.

Number 3 – Little fingers like to push little buttons, especially buttons with lights. Leaving all those TV components out on an open shelf is asking for trouble. Invest in an entertainment center with a door — it will save you the headache of sounding like a broken record, “Don’t touch those buttons.” Plus your system will be safe.

Baby Proof Your TV

Whether your TV is the focal point of your living room or is tucked quietly on a corner TV stand, protect your investment, your child and your sanity from mishap and baby (toddler) proof your TV. One day you’ll thank me.

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