Online Shopping Rocks

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I don’t know about you, but I love to shop. I am the gal who loves all of the hustle and bustle of shopping, I love visiting my favorite stores and checking out the new line and I just love new stuff. There I said it, I love shopping. (Perhaps that’s why our house is overflowing.)

But as much as I love heading out to the store and shopping in person, shopping online is even better. I mean let’s face it, in reality I just don’t have time to shop. Enter online shopping and being able to shop at all hours and not having to lug my toddler along with me.

The down side of online shopping used to be huge shopping fees, but thanks to online search engines like Bing I can search out deals for free shipping offers before I even begin my shopping. Bing even helps me find coupon codes to save money on my shopping. Now that’s the power of the Internet working for good 😉

Nowadays, I find myself in search of maternity clothes, but frankly in-store options are rather limited. This is another way online shopping rocks my world, simply search for maternity clothes and “Bing” maternity shopping problems solved. Now if only I could enter in my body measurements and virtually “try on” clothes. (I wonder how long it will be until we can…)

Another online shopping perk – deliveries! It’s just plain fun to get deliveries.

Yes, I still love to head out to the store to go shopping, but online shopping open all new doors for me to shop in. I think I will go see what kind f sale I can find on summer kids’ clothes now…

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