AMC Downtown Disney Opens Fork & Screen Dine-in Movies

AMC Theaters are changing the way we watch movies. Once you go dine-in, you won’t want to go back! We sure don’t!

The AMC at Downtown Disney has converted six of its theaters to dine-in theaters complete with luxury, plush, reclining chairs; tables; wait staff; food and a full bar. It is swanky fun for the whole family.

Let’s start with my husband’s favorite feature – the dine-in theater offers online reservations where you can actually reserve your seat. That’s right, no more arriving at the theater 30+ minutes early (like we always do), reserve your seats online, show up and be escorted to our seats. Showing a range of the hottest new releases, you can enjoy family films or plan a date night with your special someone. (By the way, movie-goers must be 18+ or accompanied by an adult – so no spit balls from rowdy kids to ruin your date night.)

Tickets for the dine-in theater experience are $2 more than the standard movies, but it is well worth the experience even if you aren’t planning to eat a full meal. (Seriously, I would pay $2 more for any movie to sit in those seats!) If you are hungry — you can enjoy appetizers ($6.59-8.99) , a salad ($8.99-10.99), entrées ($8.59-11.99) and desert ($5.99-6.49). And don’t worry, all your favorite movie snacks are available too.

Now let’s talk about the actual food — it is impressive. Check out the menu and see for yourself. I have to say my biggest compliment has to go to the kid’s meal. K got a grilled cheese, which was so good – made with several cheeses, not some flimsy thing – and an overflowing fruit cup (more like a bowl) with strawberries, oranges, honey-do and pineapple. She gobbled it up.

For our movie night, we saw Tangled (for the umpteenth time) and K was in heaven. She grabbed both of our hands and announced, “I so happy,” in the middle of the movie. Even kids know this is a fun way to watch a movie.

This is AMC’s eighth Dine-in theater around the country, if you have one near you – GO!

Alright locals, who wants FREE tickets!

While the theater officially opens Monday. There are a limited number of FREE screenings on Friday, May 13, and if you can act quickly you can snag one of these free tickets. At the time of me writing this post, there are still tickets available for the last show of the evening for Tron, Tangled, The Karate Kid and Inception plus tickets for the last 2 showings of The Hangover. (Social Network is all gone.) To snag free tickets, download the AMC Free Ticket Flyer, click on the show time you want to see and if there is a green “Get a Pass” button you are good to go. You will need a GoFobo account to score your tickets, but it is free to sign up – so act quick!

Want more tickets? AMC will be rewarding the first 100 movie-goers in line on Monday, May 16 with free movies for a year (24 tickets – 2 per month for 12 months) plus 12 free appetizers.

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  1. We have one called the AMC Premium Theater. I’ve only been once. There was a counter where you could order food, but I don’t remember seeing food like that (pasta, etc . . . ). They had foods like chicken fingers and french fries. I wonder if they’ll convert ours to an official Dine-In theater?


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