Recycle Your Flip Flops with TerraCycle at Old Navy

As a true Floridian, I LIVE in my flip flops. From about March – October, there is no other shoe for me. Can you relate? But, like all good things, flip flops don’t last forever. Some pairs are worn into the ground, others meet Jimmy Buffet’s problem, “Blew out my flip flop, stepped on a pop top.” (It’s a real problem, look it up.)

But I can’t throw things away! I hate making garbage, so I actually have (at least) 3 pairs of busted flip flops sitting in the bottom of my closet (taking up valuable space). I have been searching for a way to recycle these plastic/rubber wonders and recently found a solution that sends the flops to Kenya to be upcycled into art. I planned to write about that today, until I caught up on Ellen who shared this awesome info on her show last week. (I’ll pick up the Kenya story later this summer, but for now I have a FREE option for you to recycle your flops.)

I ❤ Ellen, I ❤ Old Navy, I ❤ TerraCycle and I am SO excited to tell you about this, I am giddy!

Old Navy has teamed up with TerraCycle to recycle old flip flops! The Flip Flop Replay program started on Earth Day and will run through May 21. In each Old Navy location, you will find a Flip Flop Replay collection box like this:

TerraCycle will then recycle your flip flops into playgrounds. Yes, playgrounds. And at the end of the campaign, four deserving schools will be given these recycled playgrounds. How amazing! My junk will make for play time for kids for years to come!

Rubber, leather and cloth flip flops are acceptable for this campaign, but no other sandals or other forms of shoes.

I’ll be headed to Old Navy this weekend to recycle my flip flops!!!


6 thoughts on “Recycle Your Flip Flops with TerraCycle at Old Navy”

  1. I saw that but (yes, I can be selfish) clicked away when I didn’t see anything we get back for free. But, it’s for the kids and what better cause can we ask for?

  2. That is so awesome!! I have quite a few pairs of mine and my son’s that I can donate!! I hope they do more things like this more often.

    Thanks so much for sharing this!


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