Pre-order the Lion King Blu-ray Combo Pack

Lion King is one of the few Disney movies we don’t have in our collection, and besides Cinderella, the one we have anxiously been awaiting Disney to release from their vault. The Lion King was originally released on DVD back in 2003, but since 2005 has been back in the “Disney Vault” and unavailable for purchase. While the official release date is still “Fall 2011”, Amazon has it available for pre-order.

So far there are two different versions available for pre-order. The Lion King Diamond Edition (retail $49.99; $36.99 – $8 coupon = $28.99) is a four disk set that will include a Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital Copy. The other version is the Lion King Trilogy (retail $100; $74.99 – $8 coupon = $66.99) which is an eight disk set that will feature all of the ones includes with the Diamond Edition as well as The Lion King 1 ½: Blu-ray + DVD, and The Lion King 2:  Blu-ray + DVD. Amazon is offering $8 off coupons for pre-orders of either version that can be found here. Note, you’ll need to be logged into Amazon for the coupons to show when you click the link.

Amazon pre-orders can be cancelled up to several days before the movies are released, so if a better deal is available, your pre-order can be easily cancelled. Amazon also has a pre-order price guarantee, and if they drop the price (which does typically happen) before it is released, they will refund the difference too.

There is also an $8 off coupon for the new Beauty and the Beast 3D Combo Pack that can be found here too.

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