Hand Washing Timer for Kids – Get One!

It’s been years since I wrote about the hand washing timer for kids. Sadly I can’t find the type of timer I had back then anymore, which is a bummer because it was a great product. But if you are struggling to make sure your kiddo washes hands for at least 20 seconds, here are some updated ideas for a hand washing timer for kids that are available now.

Hand Washing Timer For Kids


One of the first things I ever won from a blog contest was a handwashing timer. At the time, I really had no use for it, but it seemed like it would be useful when my baby was ready to learn to wash her hands. When we began the potty training process, I busted out the timer, and it is THE BEST HAND WASHING TOOL EVER!!! I wish I could remember which blog I won the timer from because I would totally send a follow-up email thanking them for the awesome product!

So what is it? This little timer attaches to any hand soap pump so that when you push the pump to get soap the timer begins playing a tune. The song plays for 20 seconds so that the hand washer knows how long to scrub their hands. Our timer is an Ariel timer that plays “Under the Sea,” which could not be more perfect.

In a very short time my daughter learned how to wash her hands on her own, and with the help of the timer she always knows how long to scrub her little hands. (Otherwise, I assure you it would be a once over and rinse.)

Seriously, we love this little gadget!

So where can you buy it? Amazon, of course! In addition to the Ariel timer, there is also a Cars timer for boys!

I have seen other similar timers that were not Disney branded from time to time, but we love our Disney.

So if you’ve got a little one learning to wash their hands all by themselves, I totally recommend a hand washing timer – it is SO worth it!

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