How to Make a Cheap Christmas Ornament Wreath

I know a week after Christmas might seem like a funny time to post instructions about making a Christmas Wreath, but since the materials are currently 50-75% off, I think the timing is genius! I’m one of those crazies at Target the day after Christmas scouring Target for the deals, so I bought most of my materials 50% off, but I went back on NYE and got even more 75% off. So now’s the time, even if you don’t feel Christmas crafty right now, print this post, buy your materials and store both until December 1, 2011 and you’ll be all set.

DIY Ornament Wreath

Here’s the best part, this is SUPER SUPER easy! Even if you aren’t crafty, you can do this in 4 simple steps.

Here’s what you will need –

  1. Cheap Christmas ornaments (I like shatter proof)
  2. A cheap wire hanger – the thinner the better
  3. Glue (I like hot glue)

DIY Ornament Wreath Craft

Step 1 – Remove all of the little tops off the ornaments (where you would attach the hanger), and GLUE them on to the ornaments. Do not skip this step, or I predict cursing as they pop off. LOL

Step 2 – Unwrap your wire hanger and shape into a circle.

Step 3 – Feed your ornaments onto your hanger.

Step 4 – Twist the hanger closed and enjoy. Ta-da!

A couple tips:

I used 48, three-inch ornaments for my wreath and it was the perfect number, it could have held a few more but it would have messed up my pattern. It makes a smallish wreath that also doubles as a candle holder (see how I used it on the table for our NYE party).

DIY Ornament Centerpiece

Instead of a hanger, next time I might spring for thinner wire. It’s only a couple bucks at JoAnns, and I think it would be easier to work with. Hangers work, but thinner would be easier 🙂

To achieve the alternating color bands I threaded four red, four green, four silver and four gold. Because of the way they all twist around, it worked perfect.

Cost: The ornaments I used were 8 for $1 in the dollar spot. They were 50% off on December 26, and they were 75% off on December 31. So I paid $3 for the first wreath and $1.50 for the second (6 packs of 8 for each wreath)! FYI – they also had bigger packs in other colors in the Christmas section for $3!

So there you have it.  Cheap and easy Christmas Ornament Wreath for 2011.

BTW – I have to thank Thrift Decor Chick for the inspiration.

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  1. What a quick and easy way to do this! One additional idea to add a little something more is to use floral wire (super inexpensive) and you can attach ornaments of other sizes into spaces between the ornaments on the wire to help fill it out and just create a little different feel.


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