When Christmas Cookies Go Wrong…

Betty Crocker I am not. I am a gal of many talents, and I consider myself crafty, but when it comes to cooking/baking it’s just not my thing… But I love Christmas cookies, so once a year I make an exception and put on my apron and make Christmas cookies. I stick to my family recipes, the ones I grew up on that my mother always made perfectly, and yet they never turn out quite as planned. I am a rule follower, and knowing that I am not an expert I stick to the receipe to the letter, but somehow, my cookies are less than perfect.

2010 marks the 3rd annual Cookie Exchange Party at my friend Jane’s house. It also marks my worst attempt to date. Year One – Sprinkle Cookies, not bad, but a little too hard. Year Two – Christmas Tree Cookies, tasted great but the green trees looked a little squished (oh, and someone else made similar cookies that looked perfect). Year Three – a complete and udder failure. No, I am not being hard on myself, I am VERY serious. So serious that I even arrived to the party with one cookie sheet of my failure cookies as evidence that I tried. And I tried eight dozen times, well, I tried with 8 dozen cookies. Still don’t believe me, here’s the evidential proof that my cookies were a bust. I even won an “oopse” award from my friends. Guess what I won, a cookie recipe book.

They don’t taste bad, in fact, the taste pretty good. But they don’t come off the pan. They are supposed to be light and airy, fluffy meringue cookies. (That are my all time fav!) Instead they are dense meringue hockey pucks. I thought maybe I under whipped the eggs, mom thinks I over whipped them…

Oh well, no cookie exchange for me. I went to a cookie gathering! Maybe next year I will go with break and bake.

6 thoughts on “When Christmas Cookies Go Wrong…”

  1. Hehe, I just messed up a batch of Christmas cookies myself. We ate the not so ugly ones so there is no evidence and packed a few up for grandma. My husband helped icing and he was no better off than me he iced a star cookie with a circle of icing, lol. Then the sprinkles didn’t want to stick or the sugar and some of the icing melted off the sides. I love baking desserts, but I am not the neatest topper.

  2. Try using parchment paper if you’re making a recipe that might stick to the pan. I use them for certain recipes and the cookies come off so easily.


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