Still Worth It?

One of my blogging buddies launched her new business this week, and it is such a cool concept I just have to share. Basically, the name says it all. So many product reviews (on Amazon and other review sites) are done right after a product is purchased and used. Does it work, yes or no. But what happens over time? Does the product you raved about at first stand the test of time or does it crap out on you in a couple of months. That’s the real story consumers want to know, and that’s the real story offers.

To help launch her new business, StillWorthIt is offering a special promo to people who sign up and use the site. Register for StillWorthIt and make at least one original post or comment and you will automatically be entered to win an Amazon Kindle ($139 value) and a $25 Amazon Kindle gift card. There is also a runner up prize of a $50 gift card to Best Buy. Contest ends December 10 at Midnight EST.

It’s a cool new idea, and I can’t wait to see the database of products that are reviewed grows. Goodness knows there are products that I have been using for years and I swear by and other that I LOVED at first but turned out to be junk.

Check out the new site and make your opinion heard, is it “Still Worth It?” You can also connect with StillWorthIt on Facebook and Twitter.

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