Brandcation – Dinner & A Show

It’s a dinner. It’s a show. It’s a dinner show. When you visit Central Florida, the fun doesn’t stop when it is time to eat. Fill up on food while being entertained at one of the great dinner shows in Kissimmee. On my Brandcation trip, we dined on entertainment at Sleuth’s Mystery Dinner Shows and Arabian Nights.

Whether a local Floridian or a tourist, if you haven’t enjoyed an evening at Sleuth’s you are missing out. Many moons ago, I had my twelfth birthday party at Sleuth’s. It was just as funny on this trip as it was back then, possibly more so since I was naïve to many of the innuendos back then. Located right on I-Drive, Sleuth’s is centrally located near the attractions, but it’s also fantastic for locals.

Laughter is served with an entry choice of game hen or lasagna, all you can drink house wine and beer, making the laughter flow even more freely. (Soda is included too.) Fancy cocktails are also available at the bar.  Before you solve the murder mystery, you will have time to enjoy desert too.

There are several shows performed at Sleuth’s but if you happen to see Hilidaze in Hillendale, Maggie is a hoot and a half. But I am not telling who done it, those who guess correctly win a prize.

It wouldn’t be a tourist attraction without the obligatory photo opp. We took a serious shot too, but I like the funny one best.

Saturday night we enjoyed a horse show at Arabian Nights. The acrobatic horse show tells a similar story to that of Sleeping Beauty, where the fair princess is sent to live with gypsies until her 18th birthday after being threatened at birth. The Arabian tale includes a magical genie who entertains the princess with many fancy horse rides.

Dinner options include chicken nuggets, grilled chicken, two types of steak and a vegetarian meal (I believe, but I can’t remember for certain). Beer and soda are also included with the meal, although I opted for a frozen drink at the bar.

Every time I see an acrobatic show like this, I wonder what in the world made people think they could pull off these stunts. I picture their poor moms going grey far before their time as junior attempts to do a headstand on the back of a horse while in full trot. Yikes! Amazing, but I hope K decides on a career that keeps her feet on the ground.

So next time your family asks the age old question, “What’s for dinner?”… consider dinner and a show.

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