Duracell Instant Power Charger

Portable, long lasting battery power for all USB-compatible devices such as iPods, iPhones, cellular phones, digital cameras, PDA’s, Bluetooth headsets and others. No more carrying bulky adapters, one charger does it all. Adds up to 35 hours of run time to iPods/MP3 players, 5 hours of talk time to cell phones, 4 hours of talk time to iPhones/smart phones/PDA’s and 260 shots to digital cameras. The Instant Power Charger can be charged up to 600 times using a laptop or any other USB power source and can recharge your USB-compatible device up to three times on a single charge. Includes a USB to mini-USB charging cable compatible with most Motorola and Blackberry phones and works with all USB cables (like the ones included with the iPod or iPhone). Sleek and light – weighs less than five ounces and easily fits in your purse or pocket.

Available on Amazon. Cost less than $20.

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