Fellowes Home Shredder Review

I don’t know statistics on identity theft, but I do know that it is crazy high — higher than any of us would like to think about. And while there is no is no sure fire way to prevent it, there is one sure-fire simple thing that you can do. SHRED YOUR PERSONAL INFO!

If you don’t already shred your personal documents, you are asking for trouble. We shred everything in our house, but until recently we had a dinky, old shredder on its last leg. Our old shredder was down to shredding only 1 sheet of paper at a time, which meant that our shredding pile would just get bigger and bigger until I would send the stack into work with my hubby to shred at his office. Until now.

For a paranoid shredder such as myself, a new shredder is exciting and helpful. Our new shredder is the Fellowes’ P-12C. It is sleek looking, has a big storage bin for shredded documents and powers through piles of paper in no time.

And the BEST feature (in my opinion)  is that it was made with kids in mind. This is where I get really excited about a shredder (LOL)! When powering through shredding, if any skin comes in contact with the metal plate that surrounds the shredder entry, the machine shuts off.  And it really works… Just touch it and off. Plus if you are afraid your little darling might shred a document that you need, there is also a lock to keep kids from shredding your bills (sorry). It’s not a child-proof lock that will keep older kids out, but it is another step that will keep curious toddlers from shredding like mom. Now that I have seen this feature, I don’t understand why all shredders don’t have this feature…

Here are some more details from the manufacturer:

Ideal for heavy-duty use, the new Fellowes’ P-12C is an innovative and durable machine, and features Fellowes’ industry-leading technologies.

  • The P-12C offers Fellowes’ patented SafeSense technology, an electronic sensor that surrounds the machine’s paper opening and shuts it down when hands come close.
  • It also features Cross-Cut technology, and a slim profile design, which allows it to fit easily under a home office or dorm room desk.
  • The machine has an easy-to-use pull-out bin and has the ability to shred staples, credit cards and paper clips.
  • Fellowes’ P-12C has a suggested retail price of $84.99 and is available at Target stores nationwide (shopping online its available on Amazon).

I’d like to point out bullet #3 again, it will shred credit cards!

One warning on this shredder, it is LOUD and powerful. Don’t shred docs in the room next to your sleeping child or you will destroy nap time… Guilty! Other than that, you are good to go. I give this shredder two-thumbs up. Anyone want my old one that shreds one sheet at a time, it needs a new home. 🙂

Disclosure – The shredder provided to me for this review, however, all thoughts an opinions are my own. No other compensation was received.

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