Wallables 3D Wall Decor for Kids Review

Everything is going 3D these days, even wall decor. Let me introduce you to Wallables. Wallables are a 3-dimensional sculpted art that sticks to your wall via Velcro.  I didn’t really know what to expect when my Wallables arrived, but I knew I would find a Disney Princesses so I knew my daughter would be happy.

I was right, my daughter was thrilled. Although what she really wanted to do with Cinderella was carry her around the house and have a tea party with her. So I let her play with it around the house while I decided where to hang Cindy. We ultimately decided to place Cindy in her playroom, hung low enough that she could take it on and off. And there Cindy sits, when she isn’t having tea. (It didn’t take K any time at all to figure out how to pull her down and put her back up when she was done.)

In addition to being cute, Wallables are also made from eco-friendly products, which I love. While they feel like some type of plastic foam, they are actually made of a special type of foam created from U.S. grown soy beans and they use renewable raw materials in manufacturing.

It was a little odd when I opened the package that Cindy was glued down to the box, but I was able to pull her off cleanly and rub off all of the glue residue without any trouble (it was like that glue you find used to stick things in magazines). So it wasn’t an issue.

The only downside to Cindy is that my daughter takes her on and off so often that the Velcro dot separated from the adhesive on the wall. (Basically, the sticky side stayed on the wall but both sides of the Velcro came off on Cindy). I was able to squish the Velcro dot back together, but if she continues to pull it on and off I think we will need new sticky Velcro.  While these are meant to come on and off, I don’t think they are really meant for as much play as ours gets. 🙂

In addition to Disney Princesses, Wallables also offers Disney Fairies, Toy Story, Cars, Winnie the Pooh and its own designs that include talking letters (when you push them a voice says the letter). So if you have a Disney themed room, these are a really cute addition. Wallables are now available at Toys R Us.

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