The Fall 2010 TV Lineup – Prepare Your DVR

September how I love thee. Let me count the ways… football season, my birthday and the new fall season of shows! That’s right ladies and gentlemen, it’s time once more for the networks to try out their latest and greatest ideas, which shows will rise to the top this year and which will get canned right away? It’s exciting and annoying at the same time. Exciting to check out the new stuff, annoying when you just start to get into a show only to have the powers that be pull the plug. (Seriously, sometimes I wonder what those yahoos are thinking!)

Since I am an admitted TV junkie, let’s review the season’s newbies and old favs. And to make TV watching/DVR setting a breeze, I created a pretty little table (below) for you to pick and choose your picks!

I’ll say it again, I know I have a TV “problem” so don’t judge me on how many shows I watch. My only defense is to tell you that we are still finishing up watching the last few shows tapped from last spring now! (How do I store it all? Oh, 2 DVRs with extra external hard drives and a dedicated computer to catch anything else we can’t tape – so I can tape 5 shows at once! LOL. Sad, but true!)

My returning favs –

  • Monday – Dancing with the Stars (I’ve loved it since the 1st season, but I was so boarded with it after 2 episodes last season, that I deleted the rest of the season… Jury’s still out on whether I will watch this season). House, Castle and Chuck – love love love 🙂
  • Tuesday –Dancing with the Stars Results, NCIS, NCIS: LA, The Good Wife, Glee and Parenthood. Listen up moms, if you aren’t watching Parenthood, do it! I love this new show from last season (ditto with Glee).
  • Wednesday – Modern Family (OMG, funniest show EVER!), Cougar Town, Criminal Minds and Lie to Me. (Lie to Me is the show I am still finishing up from spring, very smart show.)
  • Thursday – Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice (whoa cliffhangers from last season… can’t wait for the shocking season openers), Big Bang Theory (OK, this might be the funniest show on TV, but you might need to be married to a techy to really love it! We really LOL!), CSI, The Mentalist (also a big fav!), Bones, Fringe (WOW, what will happen next?). And while I don’t love these three my hubby does, so I want to mention Community, 3D Rock and The Office (which is growing on me).
  • Friday – Medium, CSI: NY and Human Target. (Not too much commentary here, but I am surprised at the Friday movement of CSI: NY.)
  • Sunday – Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters (got my hubby hooked on this one) and CSI: Miami.

Newbies to watch – Oh let’s be real here, I wanna check them all out!!! LOL! I even highlighted the newbies in green below so they are easy to spot.

I would like to give a little shout out to $#*! My Dad Says – the show is based on the phenomenally popular Twitter @ShitMyDad says. This guy started tweeting all the crazy stuff his “old man” says and almost overnight became a hot twitter sensation, now they turned into a TV show. I have no idea how the TV show will run, but I am excited to see the power of social media at work.

A few shows start on September 14, but most start next week, so get your DVRs ready!

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  1. I just wanted to let you know you are not alone in your tv addiction! So thank you for the schedule! We are currently redoing are floor and have our dvr unplugged and I missed the first one tree hill of the season! AHhhh. So I understand.


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