My New Book Comes Out Tomorrow! And so do your bonuses!

Friday before last I announced that my book would be coming out last Thursday. Unfortunately, there was a hold up in the launch (I am told these things happen, but since this is my first time…). At any rate, I am excited to say that everything is back on track and the book will be launched TOMORROW!

As I announced previously, I have been working on a book with my esteemed colleagues from America’s PremierExperts®. America’s PremierExperts™ is an organization that recognizes celebrity experts in their field for spreading knowledge and awareness in their expertise and making significant contributions to their industry and the marketplace as a whole.

The great news is that the book that we all wrote together, “Power Principles for Success: America’s PremierExperts® Share their Biggest Success Secrets for a Life of Health, Wealth, Happiness and Prosperity” is coming out tomorrow!

Just for purchasing the book tomorrow on, and helping us get off to a great start, we’ve put together a huge bonus package for you!

I will send you a link to buy the book tomorrow on Amazon, but here’s a sneak peak at all the great stuff you’ll get for JUST $19.95!

You’ll Get:

  • The book – “Power Principles for Success” (of course)
  • The ebook of America’s PremierExperts® last 2 bestselling books: Big Ideas for Your Business & Shift Happens (Valued at $39.98)
  • Access to Nick Nanton’s famous Cracking the Celebrity Code presentation, complete with audio and transcripts (Valued at $197)
  • A mortgage property appraisal by America’s Premier Mortgage Expert (Valued at $450 )
  • 3 months of Double Your Sales Coaching (Premium) program from InfusionSoft at (Valued at $450)
  • FREE Membership in a revolutionary new program to help CEO’s attain their #1 priority for their business… Growth. Participant CEO’s will receive services free of charge that will empower them and provide them with the three key components for growth:

– Consciousness: High end tools for detailed corporate, consumer, and competitive analysis

– Edgepertise: Tools that will give you leading edge expertise required to grow.

– Orchestrate: Tools to create high growth plans and the people to implement.

  • A free 2 hour SWOT 3D analysis of your business. See how your business stacks up against customer expectations, competitive landscape, and industry standards. This process will show you what your ‘go-to-market’ strategy needs to be in order to successfully, and profitably, compete in your marketplace.
  • Free credit repair consultation.  You will receive a secret on bumping your credit score within 30 days.  Learn how the system works in these easy steps and take control to a more profitable future. You will also receive secrets to saving thousands of dollars on your current expenses from bank loans to common yearly expenditures as well as information on bringing home more money in your paycheck immediately.  (Valued at $150)
  • The eBook of Scot Ferrell’s latest book “What Men Don’t Get About Women” and 1 hour of coaching one-on-one with Scot via phone (Valued at $350)
  • 1-hour consulting session with Kimberly Moore,  America’s Leading Small Business Expert on creating your Top Picks List of Action Items to increase value and profits in your business  – INCLUDING how to Put It Into Action!
  • 2 Months of Gold Membership which will help you achieve the lifestyle and business you always wanted! (Valued at $194)
  • A Free ebook and audio cd on Baby Boomer Blunders and the Worlds of Money (Valued at $200)
  • A Free E-course on how to get your first luxury real estate deal in 88 minutes! (Valued at $88)
  • A FREE Financial CAT Scan worth $700 for everyone with over $250,000 in net worth
  • A Free ebook “Dealing with the Grief of a Wrongful Death”
  • 30-Day FREE Trial Membership to the Janitorial Bidding Program — Offer valid for 1st time members only
  • An ebook that tells the InfusionSoft story of entrepreneurship and success
  • Free set up and one month free membership to (Valued at $344 )
  • Transcript of Ben Glass’ recent keynote on the many challenges that lawyers and small business owners face with their marketing (and what the really smart ones are doing to meet the challenges).  (Valued at $97)
  • A detailed special report on how to build a professional practice (Valued at $27)

Just for purchasing the book tomorrow on Amazon, and helping us get off to a great start, you’ll get all of these great bonuses!

Don’t forget, I’ll post the link to buy the book tomorrow for just $19.95, and once you buy it, then just email your receipt to and they’ll send the bonuses right over to you!

Until Tomorrow!

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