ProFlowers Flowers, Gift Baskets and more

Frankly, ProFlowers isn’t the first place I would have thought about for a birthday gift. Flowers, sure, but a gift… I guess I knew they sold gift type things, but I never really checked out what they had available, until now. Wow – they have some really cool non-flower things! In fact, they have a whole birthday gift baskets page with some really cool stuff.

In addition to some tasty looking fruit and nut baskets, ProFlowers offers spa baskets. The spa products are right up my alley, so I couldn’t wait to receive my”Spa Getaway Basket” filled with green tea scented products.

This is where I am really impressed with ProFlowers. While the lotion smells heavenly, there was a minor issue with one product in my basket. So, I contacted ProFlowers. I am very happy to report that in perfect form, I was quickly offered a replacement product. Since there was only an issue with one item in my basket, I choose a new product. However, I want to be sure to mention that my issue was a fluke thing with one product, and this basket would still make a wonderful gift. But it is always good to know that if there was an issue with an item, ProFlowers stands behind its products and handles problems quickly and efficiently. After all, isn’t that what we really want in companies when we order gifts, excellent customer support?

For my replacement item, I choose hand-dipped, chocolate-covered strawberries, and they are divine! The only possible problem with the delicious desert is that I ate too many! Since I decided it was best if I didn’t eat them all myself (which I totally would have) I shared them with friends and neighbors. So everyone benefited from the yummy treat!

Next time you need to send a gift to a friend who lives out of town (or maybe one in town), think about ProFlowers. Whether you want to pamper your friend or feed her sweet tooth you will find goodies for your needs. (Might even be a nice hint for the hubbies out there…)

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