Disney PhotoPass CD Discount

If you have an upcoming trip planned for Disney World, pre-purchasing a Disney PhotoPass CD can be a great way to save money.  Disney has photographers placed throughout their resorts and parks.  You are given a PhotoPass card and every time you have your photo taken by one of the Disney photographers they scan your card. All of your photos are added to your online PhotoPass account you create.  At the end of your trip, you can order single photos (prices start around $14.95 each) or order a CD that contains all of the pictures from your trip. More info on how the PhotoPass can be found here.

One great thing about the PhotoPass CD as there is no limit to how many photos you can have taken.  Their online site also allows you to edit and add different borders and characters to your photos.

Disney currently has a special that comes and goes that allows you to pre-purchase your PhotoPass CD for $99.95.  That saves you $50 off the normal $149.95 price.  You can also use coupon code PHOTOCD for an extra $20 savings, bringing the price down to $79.95.  The PhotoPass CD is also fully refundable, so if you decide before or after your trip that you do not want any of the photos you can get a refund. We used a similar offer last year before our trip, and it definitely saved us some money.

To pre-purchase your PhotoPass CD, visit this page.

Update: The extra $20 off PHOTOCD code has expired.

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  1. We bought one last year when we went for a week, and I LOVED it! So worth it, and so worth not having to get your camera out for every picture, they get all the good shots, and your entire family can be in the pictures!!


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