Step 2 Easel for Two in Pink – only $26.53

If you have been looking for an easel for your budding artist, here’s your chance. Right now, Amazon has the Step 2 Easel for Two in Pink for only $26.53 and it ships free! Unfortunately for the boys, only the pink one is on sale… We love Step 2 products they are well made and last forever.

NOTE – the price has already started moving up, it is now $37.73… Still a good price, but not as cheap.

(Thanks Kristin)

2 thoughts on “Step 2 Easel for Two in Pink – only $26.53”

  1. I looked and the price doesn’t match up. What you posted WOULD be a good deal and I have been looking at them for my girls, so I would have jumped on it. : (

    • Yeah sorry, they increased the price about an hour after I posted it. Amazon is tough like that b/c they change prices so quick. Sorry!


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