BOGO Disney Stuffed Easter Characters & an Easter Basket on a Budget

Growing up, mom always made sure we had the best Easter baskets. In fact, she still gives us the best Easter baskets! So far, I have slacked on Easter baskets for my daughter. She was 3 days old on her first Easter – so I didn’t do anything (Mimi had a basket for her), and last year I got her a stuffed bunny (Mimi had a giant basket for her).

This year I am all about a nice basket. However, this year finds me on a tighter budget… Not to worry, her basket is almost complete and it is FILLED with great stuff for a toddler! She is gonna love it!

The one thing her basket was missing was something stuffed… But I am supper exited that all Disney Store Easter Plush characters BOGO! Sweet! I am going with the mini bean bag Minnie Mouse & Mickey Mouse ($9.50 for both). As my husband said, easier for her to carry and less for us to store. =)

Here are the basket contents:

  • Easter Basket – last year’s (free)
  • Full-size Disney Bunnies coloring book ($1 at Dollar General)
  • Mini Disney Bunnies coloring book with stickers ($1 at Target)
  • Easter Bunny Sticker tablet ($1 at Joann’s – 40% off coupon)
  • Easter My Little Pony ($4.99 for 2 at Target BOGO)
  • Little People Easter girl and bunny ($3.99 Target)
  • Easter Bunny Ears ($1 Target)
  • Finding Nemo bathbook – learning colors ($1 Target)
  • Easter Minnie and Mickey (BOGO Disney Store $9.50 for both!)

Total basket cost – less than $20!

Keep checking Target for good deals, and check out the rest of the Hasbro coupons in the link above to see if something else would work for your basket. And don’t miss the Disney Store BOGO deal, the good stuff will go fast.

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