Just say “No” to the balloon animal!

It seemed like a cute, innocent idea when the balloon-animal girl at Chili’s came by the table. “Sure, she would love a balloon animal.” Silly Mom didn’t think about the dinner ramifications of this soon-to-be monkey. Logically, Mom should have known better, but we were having such a good day…

I believe the initial decision of accepting the balloon animal was magnified tenfold by the inane idea that she should have a pink monkey to match her shirt. Monkey’s, you see, have long tails…

As our delighted daughter watched the creation of her very own monkey, it still seemed like a good idea – bringing joy to our daughter. Unfortunately, when dinner came, the full picture of the monkey became clear.

Toddler rules – even if I am ok with putting down “puppy” or “baby” for dinner at home, I will cry in loud protest at the idea of my new pink monkey sitting across the table from me. We are in a public place, you will give into me.

Clutched under one arm, K began to eat, but monkey seemed to get even more exciting as dinner went on. As Mom foolishly continued her quest to put the monkey down, K decided she must not only hold monkey, but sit in Mom’s lap to do so.

By now, the back end of the monkey had unraveled, so the monkey was now just a head with a really long tail. And Mom spent the rest of dinner ducking and weaving to avoid being bopped in the eye with the bouncing monkey.  Not only did Mom loose the monkey battle, the eating battle, and the sitting in her own chair battle, but she had to endure her husband and daughter’s laughter as monkey’s tail slapped her face continually.

Dear Chili’s,

Next time we come, please hide the balloon girl.



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