Pampers Gifts to Grow is getting better…

I recently received an email from Pampers announcing new changes to the Gifts to Grow program. I am not sure when these changes will take effect, the email says mid-December (a little vauge), but I am interested to see what these changes will bring. I have 230 points… been saving up for something good, I hope I retain a high value for everything I have worked for and I hope the prizes rock!

Here are more details from the Pampers site.

Gifts to Grow is about to get better than ever! This December, we’re proud to bring you some new improvements and enhancements to the program. Some of the changes-for-the-bigger-and-better:

  • More rewards and partnerships: a bigger catalog of rewards along with some exclusive partnerships just for our members (like Leap Frog, Shutterfly, Olay and many other great rewards for you and your baby).
  • More ways to earn points: along with the new points structure, we’ll be introducing bonus opportunities, and new ways to help you get to your rewards even faster—including customized offers just for you. Make sure to come back frequently to see what offers are available to help you make the most of the Gifts to Grow program.
  • More points on eligible products: we’re working to ensure you get the most points for your Pampers purchases—higher point values on eligible products will help you earn even faster
  • Simpler points: you’ll notice your points have changed. It is 10 times its ‘old’ value. For example, if you had 12 points, it was converted to 120 points. This makes redeeming your points easier—no more factions, so all your points have a redeemable value.
  • You could WIN Free Diapers AND Wipes for a year: a wonderful way to welcome the new program! Redeem points to enter, and because there’s a new winner every month, you can enter as often as you’d like every month. The sweepstakes will kick off in December, so keep your eyes open!

Remember to come back later this month!

And a big thanks to all of our members for making the Gifts to Grow program one that continues to grow with you and your family. We hope you’ll enjoy all of the program improvements!

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