Little Music Lovers Review & Giveaway

Mother says I was a dancer before I could walk
She says I began to sing long before I could talk…

The lyrics from ABBA’s song Thank You for the Music have never been more true for a little girl than for my K. She has been soothed by soft, peaceful music and grooved to bouncy, joyful music since she was tiny. Was it an introduction to music from day one that established this connection or was it inherent? I will never know, but if it keeps up I will always be grateful.

When we first set up the nursery for my daughter, I included and old CD/Clock/Radio. We have spent many hours in her room rocking in her chair listening to “tunes.” Not long after my daughter started walking, one day I heard music coming from her room. At 15 months old, she learned to turn on her CD so she could dance in her room without any instruction.

When BeyondPR offered me the opportunity to review a new CD of classical music for babies, I jumped on the chance. To tell the truth, when the CD came it got put in a pile and forgotten about for a little while due to several round of colds in this house, so it was a nice little nugget of a surprised when I came across it cleaning.

After asking K if she wanted to listen to some tunes, we headed to her room to check out the CD. Without a doubt, we watch too much Little Einsteins because I recognized the first song from a recent episode! (Too bad I can’t remember the name of the song.)  

Since K is now 20 months old, I wasn’t sure if classical music would hold her attention for dancing, but it wasn’t a problem. Even without a traditional children’s melody and lyrics, she got her jam on! On this first listen, we skipped through the songs a little bit to sample them all. I was surprised (and initially a little disappointed) when I realized there were only 8 songs on the CD – a sampler with 2 songs from each of the 4 CDs. I left the CD in the player and we went back to cleaning.

Later that day, K disappeared into her room and turned on her tunes. I listened from the family room for a while before I ventured into check on her. Happy as can be, she was dancing with her animals.

A few days later, we had one of “those” dinners. I don’t know what started the temper tantrum, but it was one of the worst we have seen. Finally at my wits-end, I took her into her room, turned on her music, held her tight and rocked her like I used to when she was a baby. I didn’t remember that her Little Music Lovers CD was in the player when I turned it on, but I was very happy to hear the melody start. We rocked, and rocked and rocked to the music and slowly she forgot why she was crying. It was then that I realized how long each of the 8 songs on the CD are.

While writing this post, I checked out the Little Music Lovers web site for the first time, and it is so cute! Complete with cartoon characters of the composers, they even have a coloring page you can download for each composer.

Little Music Lovers currently offers four CDs – Lullabies: Smart Music for Bed Time, Bach: Smart Music for Activity Time, Beethoven: Smart Music for Story Time and Mozart: Smart Music for Play Time. I only received the Mozart CD to review, but I am sure they are all wonderful. I recommend this series to any parent.

This would make a great gift for a new parent this holiday season. And since the CDs are available on iTunes and Amazon, you can preview the music before you buy. With a price tag of $6.98 on amazon for the CD or $5.99 for the MP3 download, this is an affordable gift or stocking stuffer for the Little Music Lover in your life.

WIN IT – I also have the wonderful privilege of offering you the chance to win a Little Music Lovers CD.

To Enter – Visit the Little Music Lovers site and tell me which CD you think your Little Music Lover would like best.

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28 thoughts on “Little Music Lovers Review & Giveaway”

  1. Hi! My daughter loves Little Einsteins too! She even takes ballet and tells me she dances like June. Lol. All of these cd’s look great. I would have to start with the Activity Time because she is definitely the little person on the go. Thank you for the offer.

  2. I would love the Smart Music for Activity Time. We’re always looking for new tunes and classical seems like a good change of pace!

  3. I would love to have the Smart Music for Bedtime. As a “road warrior” mom, I can always count on a lullaby CD to put my little guy to sleep fast when we’re nearing bed time or nap time but we aren’t quite near home yet. It’s amazing how quickly it works! Plus, it allows me to keep my sanity and my eyes on the road when my little man is no longer fussy and fighting sleep.

  4. My 2 year old niece would love Smart Music for Story Time. She loves to be read to and would love the child friendly classical music!


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