Rubbermaid Lock-its Review

When Rubbermaid contacted me about reviewing its line of Lock-its storage containers, it was perfect timing because I had just purged my plastic storage containers with missing lids/bottoms. (Where do they go?!?!)

Admittedly, I am not a cook. It’s just not my thing, but this time of year there are a few treats that I can’t wait to bake! You know, family cookie recipes! So I was exited to receive new containers to store my baking ingredients during the holidays.

I received four sizes of the Lock-its containers from Rubbermaid – a 5 cup size (perfect for leftovers) and a three container set with 3.7, 5.25 and 15 cup sizes for baking ingredients.

One of the first things I noticed were the markings on the outside of of the container to indicate how much is in your container. Such a little thing, but for non-cooks like me genius! Since I am not used to cooking often, I have no frame of reference in my head for how much of something I have – do I have 2 cups or 3 of flour left? I like that the container will tell me how much is left!

The next thing I noticed was that the bigger containers are just the right size to be hats for my toddler! Ha – I know this doesn’t really have any functionality, but I did have to point out how much fun my daughter had stacking, banging and wearing the containers!

Back to the real review… Since I don’t bake/cook often, when I do, I seem to make a giant mess! Last Christmas, I remember not being able to get the lid off my flour container, when I finally muscled it off – poof, flour went everywhere. In stark contrast to that tough lid, I love how easy these lids go on and come off! With four locking tabs, you clearly hear four snaps as your lids close tight. Then when it is time to open, click, click, click, click and they are off. No muscling them open and no mess. (Well, at least no mess from opening the containers, I am sure Iwill make a mess in other ways!)

I love how secure the lids are once all the tabs are locked. No wondering if you got the lid on right, if you hear the four clicks you are good to go!

I previously mentioned a problem that plaques all kitchens, miss-matched containers and lids. (Again, where do they go?) To combat this age-old problem, Rubbermaid Lock-its have Easy Find Lids(TM).  Basically, the containers rest perfectly in the groves of the lid, making stacking these containers a breeze. Unfortunately, the lids have to be the same size lid to stack nicely, so it still isn’t a perfect solution, but it is a nice start.

So, where can you buy Rubbermaid Lock-its? I noticed them a Publix on my last trip to the grocery store. You can also buy on Amazon and at K-Mart.

Since I am all about coupons and ways to save money, I had to do a quick search for coupons. This lead me to learn about the Rubbermaid Club. According to the Rubbermaid site, when you join the club you will receive Money Saving Coupons & Rebates, Special Birthday Savings, Organizational Tips and New Product Information. Not sure what types of savings you will receive, but it is worth signing up to check it out!

Before my containers big Christmas ingredients debut, they will help me transport food for Thanksgiving!

Rubbermaid Lock-its

Disclosure – I have a material connection because I received a gift or sample of a product for consideration in preparing to write this content. I was/am not expected to return this item or gift after my review period.

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  1. When you join the Rubbermaid Club we mail in-store coupons as well as offer discount on our online purchases. These are typically sent via email every month or so. Hope that helps to clarify a bit.


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