Hallmark Mobile Greetings – Review & Free Offer

First there were e-cards, now there are text-cards!!! Hallmark recently launched Mobile Greetings in July 2009 to capitalize on the growing trend of texting, and I must say, it is pretty cool!

As a BzzAgent, I received the chance to try one free Hallmark Mobile Greeting to check it out. Since I am not too tech-savvy, I wasn’t sure how I was going to like getting the program up and running. Usually, I am lazy and have my husband add any apps to my phone, but I wanted to go through the whole process, so I did it myself! It wasn’t bad at all!

It took a little time to get everything downloaded, but it was really easy. Once I had the program installed on my phone, the application worked much like sending an e-card, so I had no problem following the software. Since I downloaded everything on my friend’s birthday, I decided to send her a birthday greeting. She lives out of state, and I haven’t talked to her yet to see how she liked it, but she did tell me she got it. (One bummer about the application, I didn’t get any confirmation of delivery…)

There are a number of Mobile Greeting options – typical Hallmark lots of occasions and plenty of selection! Each Mobile Greeting costs $.99 plus standard text messaging rates apply. (According to Hallmark, you are not charged the $.99 until the recipient opens the card.)

I like the idea of being able to send a card from anywhere… I always seem to be out and about when I remember I need to send a card. And with postage at $.44, the $.99 charge is much cheaper than a traditional card. While I am still a traditionalist who LOVES to receive cards in the mail, I can definitely think of times to send a text card – last minute, funny pick-me-ups, a quick thanks, and more.

Wanna send a Hallmark Mobile Greeting? For a limited time, text BZZ to 44255 to send 1 free Mobile Greeting. (Once you send the text, a link to the application will be texted back to you. After you download the app, the first card you send will be free.*) *Standard text messaging rates apply to all cards – even your free one!

Let me know what you think!

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