Ellen on American Idol?!?!

I heart Ellen Degeneres! She is funny, quirky, loves to dance and she gives away lots of fun stuff – what is not to love? I discovered Ellen in the first weeks being home with K after she was born, watching Ellen was the perfect afternoon break. Not only do I love Ellen, but as soon as her song comes on K is a dancing machine, even my hubby likes her now!

But as much as I love her, I have to say I am a little shocked at the announcement (airing on her show today) that Ellen will replace Paula Abdul as the 4th judge on American Idol . Really? Ellen?

I was really excited when she was set to judge So You Think You Can Dance earlier this year, I thought it was the perfect fit, but when it aired I was let down. It seemed like she tried to hard, and her usual light and airy jokes seemed forced and trite… Yes, I was disappointed.

So, now with the AI announcement I don’t know what to think… She doesn’t have a music background, but she knows music, so I see the connection. I just don’t want to be disappointed again!

For now, I will keep an open mind. I am excited to see the season kickoff, and I will wait to judge her judging until she appears. Ellen, we love you. Don’t try too hard, I think if you are yourself everyone will fall in love! 

Ellen on American Idol

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