Stay at Home Dad – for a day…

Since we were without Mimi today (on her way to LA), Daddy stayed home with K today so I could go to work. Apparently, Daddy taught K a few new tricks while Mommy was away. I got the following email at 9:07 am.

“So we are sitting in her room and I’m asking her if she wants to take a nap. She says no, of course, and points to the radio. I tell her no, so she goes over and hits the play button perfectly herself and starts the music. She smiles and me and laughs.”

Ahhh yes. In one day away, K learns how to turn on and pause her CD player so she can now listen to her music any time she wants! (She really likes to pause and un-pause it too.)

As if that were not enough, K seems to have developed her own sign for music. She shakes her little shoulders and does a little wiggle then points to her CD player. Yep, K has a new sign! (I wonder what the ASL sign for music really is?)

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  1. The ASL sign is to hold your left arm out and use the right arm with hand perpendicular and “conduct” up and down the arm. Check out Baby Signing Time for awesome DVDs, books and more that have my baby Kate signing more the 30 signs.


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